Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Who Made Christmas Special

           This is a tough prompt, I am not sure who made it special. I mean my mom, of course, did everything she could to try and make my brother and I have a great Christmas, and she succeeded. We never felt deprived at Christmas. I am not how sure how she always managed to pull that one off. My nanny passed down the tradition of sausage balls on holidays, which I still follow. I have the ingredients all ready to go LOL. I guess Christmas became really special to me when I became a mom. I got to be Santa and do all sorts of things to try and show my kids the magic of the season. I still do LOL

          I am waiting for my kids to do their advent calendars and for my daughter to find the hidden candy cane. Those are traditions we began, and I love them. After that it is work tonight for me. It is just one night, so hopefully it goes quickly and uneventfully. The next couple of weeks my schedule is all messed up. How do people work like this LOL

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