Friday, December 15, 2023

Pick and Ornament

           I am combining the two prompts from yesterday and today, something I collect relating to Christmas, and pick out a special ornament. Still trying to wrap my head around yesterday, so this is just to keep up with daily blog trend. 

          Every year my tree looks a bit different, it just depends on my mood. One year I did an Epcot tree where I picked an ornament from each country for my tree. Some I had to get creative with since a few did not have proper ornaments. Once I did a completely Disney tree, another I did a Hallmark tree. This year I have birds and some forest animals. The thing I do every year though is get one new ornament. It isn't special, just something I like for me to put on my tree. This year it was a soft and fuzzy reindeer with holly on its collar. It was just cute and it made me happy. It is sitting up high on my tree.

          Today is super windy outside. I guess Florida is about to get hit with a major storm courtesy of El Nino. Rain for two days with winds in high teens to low 20s. So I have to go outside and secure everything. It is a good thing I puttered in the front yard and mowed yesterday. Ironically, tonight is judging for the decoration contest. All of my neighbors who spent a small fortune lighting up their house and putting up yard decorations are all going to have to dismantle or risk everything being blown away. I am guessing the judging will be postponed due to storm. I know I unplugged our lights because any weather makes them flip our circuit breaker and the garage doesn't work. I still might plug them back in for a bit if they do not cancel just because I don't want to be a bah humbug person.

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