Tuesday, April 30, 2024



          I messed up LOL. I managed to clean up my front yard pretty well, it is looking cute again, but I got sunburned for my efforts. I even put sunscreen on, but I forgot the back of my neck and my hairline on my forehead LOL I look funny. So now I am hunting for a WIDE brimmed hat for me to use over the summer for when I do yardwork.

          The front yard does look nice. We finally got all of the old tree gone and I was able to mow. Then my kids and I put down rubber mulch, which we figured out was just old black tires shredded up. You can still see the treads on some of the pieces LOL last we put back all of our garden statues, the funniest placement was an owl on top of the cut trees stump LOL. We highlighted everything with new solar lamps. By the time we were done I thought it looked very nice. I didn't order enough mulch though LOL so more is coming tomorrow. Fedex is going to hate us.

          Today's project is the backyard. It needs to be mowed as well. Plus I am going to just bite the cost and put out the old patio furniture to be taken away. I tried to make it cute, but it just looks messy and scary with all the vegetation growing on it. Plus looks like a great place for snakes and critters to hide. That is a big NOPE!!! First I need to find something to protect my neck before doing all that LOL.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Cleaning Day


          It is big time cleaning day. This is all due to my cat getting sick on my blanket LOL it snowballed into needing to clean my blanket and bedspread, which made the rugs look dingy so those are getting washed too. While they getting washed, might as well vacuum, of course now I can see stains on carpet that need to be cleaned LOL. That is just inside. Outside I need to do yardwork like mowing, trimming, and putting new mulch down, which of course will make me messy, so I will need a shower and wash my clothes and then towels LOL. It becomes a whole thing thanks to the cat LOL. it is a good thing he is so cute.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Be Careful What You Wish For


          Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. In hindsight that is so very true. When I was a kid I used to wish a lot, usually for some guy to fall in love with me. Now, looking back at those guys I was so in "love" with I am so glad it wasn't reciprocated. What was I thinking??? LOL I have no idea why, but this past week I have thought about 3 guys from my past, my first two boyfriends and my best friend. If I had ended up with any of them, my life would have been horrible. They were cute, but looking back, they were very controlling. I probably would have been a battered wife emotionally and physically. My best friend on the other hand, he was awesome and I still think very fondly of him, but he got a bit new age in his thinking. I would have had to be in charge and I would hate that. By the time I was in my early 20's I still hadn't learned to stop wishing. I met one guy and I wished and prayed to marry him, uh oh, that wish came true and it was a disaster. Marriage did not last long, but I did get my son out of it, so I would not change it. Anyway, people think they know what they want, so they wish and pray, but they really do not know the long term consequences. Probably why parents are always interfering in relationships. They have learned the hard way and are trying to spare you the heartbreak. I know I will do the same thing to my daughter. Hopefully she will listen.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Not Enough Caffeine in the World For Today


          I accidently stayed awake all night and now I am paying for it. I was playing on Temu and watching TikToks. Both bad ideas. Not sure how much I will get accomplished today. Oh well LOL. 

          I went on to Pinterest to try and find some sort of blog prompt, and found too many LOL my brain overloaded. I am too far into April to start a monthly one now, so I was looking for one to do in May. Ummm they don't exist??? I could find every month but May for some weird reason.

          I really don't have anything intelligent to add today LOL this is more of a keep up the habit thing post. I did think the kitty cat picture was funny :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

It's Taco Tuesday LOL


          The flower bloomed yesterday in my backyard. It was a Mother's Day gift last year. My son planted it for me. It was a fantastic surprise to find it was still alive and gorgeous. My backyard is slowly coming back to life. I have three other flowering plants back there that I received as other gifts LOL I thought they were goners, but they are surprising me with blooms.

           Yesterday my son and I worked a lot of finally cutting up the remnants of my tree that was butchered. We got it all loaded in yard bin for next week's pickup. Once it is gone I can finally mow again LOL and start trying to fix up my landscaping.

          Taco Tuesday LOL it seems we always managed to celebrate that. I will have to go get some fixins later LOL. It is an easy dinner that both kids like. I managed to corrupt my daughter though LOL she now turns her tacos into salads as well. 

          I woke up this morning and remembered my first boyfriend. I couldn't find him on Facebook, but I did manage to find his cousin LOL told her to tell him hi for me. I highly doubt he remembers me from 1992. No clue why I dreamed of him. Perhaps a part of me is missing being an old married couple with somebody. No, I do not want a new romance, I want one that has been around forever, and we are now getting to retire and spend time together. That of course is never going to happen because I never stayed married. Been on my own now for 24 years. Good grief that is a long time. Now, I am too set in my ways. I would have no clue, nor desire, to make room in my world for a mate. Which is so very depressing, but oh well...

Monday, April 22, 2024

Earth Day


          Today is Earth Day, where we are supposed to appreciate our planet more and strive to do better by it. At least that is what I think the day is for. My family does try to be environmentally conscious. My daughter never lets us no recycle anything. Even if we are out and about and I attempt to throw something away, she will stop me so that we can bring it home and put in our recycle bin. I am happy to say we are constantly filling up the recycle bin and not the trash bin. We also never ever litter. Not even the smallest piece of paper will be toss on the ground. I realize we are not doing a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, but we at least attempt in a small way to not hurt the hurt so much.

          In honor of Earth Day I will try and do some yardwork.  I am hoping to trim some dead branches and pick up the last of the butchered tree in my yard. If it does not rain I might even attempt to mow the front yards. Then off to Lowes to get something pretty to plant. They should have good sales going on today. Is supposed to be thunderstorms today, so not so hot. Perhaps I will make some soup. Oh and it is my baby puppy's 5th birthday today :) she is my little chihuahua. I realize she is fully grown, but she is small and still looks like a puppy. She is a little lovebug.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Made It!!!


          I made it through the weekend. No patient died or fell LOL. So glad that is done, now I get to relax again LOL. Just working on my normal Sunday chores: laundry and tidying up.

          Tomorrow is Earth Day so I feel like I should do something environmentally conscious. Just have not figured out what yet. I am sure working in the yard will be part of the process LOL. Ohhhh computer just said thunderstorms tomorrow!!! I love thunderstorms. If it is not too bad I will most likely go to Lowes and maybe get something to plant in backyard or front. I also need to get some snake repellant for this monster in the backyard. People say it is harmless, but I am not taking any chances. No snakes!

          I can't believe April is almost over. Time really does seem to move faster the older you get. It so needs to stop doing that. I am at that point in life where I need to figure out if I am just going to embrace getting old or keep fighting it LOL I go back and forth. Somedays it is just bring it AARP and others I am looking at children's crafts and shows LOL. No wonder my brain is confused.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Back to Work


          Ugh it is back to work. I so enjoyed staying home and only doing what I wanted to LOL. I really need to win big in the lottery so I can do that all the time.

          It is going to be HOT this weekend. Add that to wearing scrubs and no fun. Summer is in full swing in Florida. 

          Not a lot to write about today. My brain is still in shock that it has to function again LOL oh my poor patients. Most of my night will be me reminding myself to stay awake LOL. That and texting my kids cause I miss them. It will also be trying to think of ways to pass time over the summer. I have the beginnings of spring fever only the summer version LOL. There needs to be a term for that :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Heat is On


          I think summertime has arrived in Florida. It is supposed to be in the mid 90's by this weekend. So much for lower electricity bills. Time to turn on a/c which always adds another $100/month. It is worth it when it is 95 and humid outside LOL.

          I just finished up my classes for this semester. I think I ended up with a B in both classes which is fine. Now just have to get my daughter through this semester and then we are both out for the summer.

          It is back to work for me tomorrow. Thankfully this vacation went by slowly :) I think it was due to all my naps LOL. I kept getting to restart my day. I did good yesterday and stayed off my foot so it feels better. I need to stay off of it today as well so that I can walk at work. I really hope things aren't too crazy there. People who say they would still work after winning lottery are nuts LOL I enjoyed being off work. I could totally handle being free all the time.

           I guess since it is summer, and school is pretty much over, I need to start planning our summer must do's. Things we have to do or else summer is a failure LOL. It would be totally unhealthy to just sit at home all summer long, though very relaxing. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Home Repairs

           I have figured the downside of owning a home, the repairs are all mine to make. No more calling the office and having them send a maintenance man to fix anything. Now it is all on me. I do not know anything about home repair. I am trying to figure it out via YouTube videos, but those just get me a little less confused. Currently I have a kitchen faucet that is giving me issues. That has got me very stressed out. It is not leaking yet, but I am sure that is coming. I see an expensive plumber in my future.

          OMG I woke up yesterday to find my huge evergreen tree cut in half!!! I gave my neighbor permission to trim it, not take out half of it. He swears he can turn it into something presentable again, but my brain is befuddled as to how. I am just trying to stay calm about its current condition. Not an easy task. 

         The one minor home repair I can do LOL is go get lightbulbs for my daughter's lamp LOL. That seems easy enough. First I need breakfast. It is already after 2pm and I haven't had anything other than a cup of coffee. I was too busy doing school assignments. At least now I am done with Civil War History class :)

Monday, April 15, 2024

A Nurse Nightmare


          I am about done with my staycation and I guess my subconscious is worried. I just woke up from horrible nightmare that still has me stressed. I dreamed I was back to work after being off and everything was changed. The report sheets were a disaster, preprinted little strips that were copied askew, and completely different from what I am used to. There was no charge nurse so I couldn't get my assignment, people kept asking me questions, there were no nurses I recognized, and then the boss showed up to find me looking like a fool and getting nothing done. I woke up with such a headache. That goes into the ones were you realize at the end of your shift that you have a whole bunch of patients you never ever saw or medicated, and it is time for report. 

          So, I guess I need some serious relaxing today to offset the nightmare. Too bad I won't get any LOL I have school to do. I think finals are next week. I also need to find another show to binge watch. Very disappointed in one I was watching. The series ended on a major cliffhanger that will never get resolved. It sucks when that happens. Dang my head hurts, so I am off to figure out how to get my stress level down from nightmare. It really upset me :(

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Such Pretty Flowers


          Generic blog day LOL I woke up, it is great weather, so forcing myself to take my kids to Aquatica LOL been meaning to do it, but something so far has always interfered. Today I am giving us no excuses. I am going to get so burnt.

          Yesterday, despite my intentions, I still got steps in. Staci and I ended up going to Disney Springs. She found a light jacket she just had to have LOL. She does not often ask for things, but she wanted this jacket. That is the joy I pretending I am broke, so that when I need money for something, I have it. I am not rich by any means, but I can give my kids treats now and then.

           Going along with the blog post, I am trying to grow some flowers on my front porch. They have sprouted at least. Now hopefully they will get some blooms. I gave up in backyard LOL I kept getting pretty flowers but they all died, so now I have artificial ones back there LOL okay I take that back a bit. I have two flower bushes that are still alive, a hibiscus still hanging in there, and my jasmine is very much a vine. At least they are alive.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

SeaWorld Sore


          See that map <--- well I walked all of it yesterday, and oh do my feet feel it now. It was too cold for Aquatica, but just right for SeaWorld. I think we spent about 3 hours there. Ended up with over 12,000 steps taken. Last night I was just hobbling. Today I am staying off my feet as much as I can.

          SeaWorld was fun though. We got lots of freebies for passholders. We got the last two keychains first. Then made our way over to feed the sea lions for free. One, called Decca, yelled at me for not giving her a fish LOL. After that we went over to the food festival area and tried the baklava. It was way too sweet!!! We also got cannoli which was really good. We had four free samples to try. By the time we ate those two our taste buds were in protest. Too much sugar. So we got jerk chicken sliders as our last two and took them home. SeaWorld had also given us each $10 to use to Staci ended up with two necklaces and a chapstick for free LOL. I love getting free stuff and SeaWorld definitely delivers on freebies.

          We got home, showered, laughed at my sunburn, and then I collapsed and slept LOL. When I woke up my right foot was in agony from plantar fasciitis. I was barely able to hobble. As much as I wanted to go do something today, I do not think my foot can handle it. So it is relaxing in recliner day for me LOL. Of course that means I will sleep the day away LOL the recliner is a soul sucker. I sit there and I am out within 10 minutes.

Friday, April 12, 2024

I'm Not A Vampire :(


          I finished up my week of The Absorption Company drink supplements and I did not turn into a vampire LOL.  I joke about that because the two main people who started the company are both famous for being vampires LOL Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries (that's him in gray shirt) and his wife Nicki Reed who was in the Twilight movies. I just binged watched The Vampire Diaries for the second time so I was trying the drinks as a splurge and for fun. Would have been cool to get some of the vampire powers LOL the ability to compel anybody I wanted would have been awesome.

          Today, since no rain or tornado watches, kids and I are going to Aquatica. Not really looking forward to it because I have to wear swimsuit and I am definitely getting sunburned LOL no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I will burn. Kids are excited to go, so I will suffer. I am looking forward to floating in lazy river though. Afterwards will come home, shower, hydrate, and then figure out what else to do for fun :)

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Happy Rainy Day


         It is supposed to be a rainy day here, so of course the weather feels wonderful. It is windy and overcast. If I had to go to work I would be bummed because I love rainy weather. It is perfect for just getting cozy inside. My daughter is a bit upset though, she wanted to go to Aquatica today. We still might if we get my Amazon delivery soon (I ordered swim shoes for son) and it is not thundering and lightning. Both I think will close down the park. If we end up staying home then we can play in backyard or sit on porch and enjoy the rain. I have nothing pressing to do other than laundry LOL.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

A Little Bit of History


          So, I am taking this Civil War history class and one of the assignments was to write a letter to a pretend soldier in the Civil War. I did not have to pretend LOL this is a picture of my great-great grandfather, Hoy Jackson MaHaffey, taken before he fought as a confederate soldier. He fought and survived some famous battles under an infamous general. Anyway, my professor was impressed with my family history, and the documents that I had, so much that he asked if he could use them in future classes. I thought that was pretty cool.

          Before anyone reading this judges me as coming from a Confederate family, back then fighting in the war was not always about beliefs, but the fact of you had no choice. Either enlist or be branded a coward. I know we were not rich, and my family did not own slaves, so I choose to believe he had no choice. My professor pointed out, looking through the records I submitted, that originally he enlisted for three years, but then it was changed to just war. By that time he had no choice but to stay in service until the war was over. In this picture he looks so young and innocent. I wonder what he looked like when it was all over...

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Minions Are Cool


          I wish I had these little guys to do what I wanted LOL though they would screw things up and get me into trouble. They are just so cute, so might be worth it. I would have them help me clean my house and work on my yard LOL.

          I am currently procrastinating LOL something I never do, but I am tired. I have lots of school work that needs to be done, yet no desire to start it. I put it on to do list so I have to at least make some attempt.

          The eclipse yesterday was cool. Staci got some really nice shots with her phone. She took one pair of the solar glasses and covered her lenses so the sun would be more than just a bright spot. I am glad I managed to get her some eclipse glasses. She would have been so disappointed if she missed it.

          I have no plans for today. We were going to Aquatica but Lee has something planned right smack in the middle of the afternoon, so that is out. I am in a lazy mood right now LOL. Perhaps I will come up with something later. Shoot I will be happy coming up with another show to binge watch. I am at a loss for what to watch next LOL. Staci and Lee have been watching the Godzilla movies LOL. Not my cup of tea. He wants to take her to see the latest one, but she needs to have understanding of monster first according to him. I think it is Kong vs Godzilla. I am confused on who I am supposed to root for LOL. 

Monday, April 8, 2024

Eclipse Day 2024


          Today is a historic day, there is a total solar eclipse this afternoon. Florida will get about 75% coverage of the sun. I got up early yesterday and went and got glasses for Lee and Staci so they can take a peak. Staci is very excited about it. It is very disconcerting to think that the next one is in 20 years and I might not be able to enjoy it. I am trying to not think of that, but it keeps nagging at me. I will be 75 years old. I better be around. I really need to get healthier. I try and not worry about the reality of it all, but it is getting harder to ignore the fact that I am aging. I am scared.

           Okay, enough of that. More suppression needed. What else is on board today...I have school work to do. I will finish up my classes this month. Then I need to contact student loan people and get loans paused until Fall. I already registered for Sign Language and Meditation for Stress LOL I figured both would be good for work. Staci is also going to be taking sign language next year so we can learn together. Due to the eclipse we are staying inside. After it is over I need to grocery shop. I must stock up on more salad fixins LOL. I am still working on my Absorption Company drinks. I have 3 days left. I do not notice anything different. The funniest part, to me, is after I drink the energy formula I end up falling asleep. When I wake up, then I have energy LOL it has a delayed effect. 

Today is also my Jumanji's 7th birthday :) 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Baking Day


          I am using this image to inspire me LOL I have had the ingredients to make carrot cake for a week now and I still haven't made it. So today it has made it to my to do list, even more it has made it to a blog post. Any time I write something down or post something, I have to follow through or I am a liar. I do not like to lie, I always tell the truth. You can always rely on what I say having a truth in it LOL it just might be cleverly disguised LOL.

          I woke up so sore today. I am thinking perhaps I need to go easy on myself today. My goal was just to get an average of 7500 steps per day, but lately I have been over 9500 steps. My feet are killing me. Every time I stand up, after sitting for a while, I hobble for the first few feet. That needs to stop.

          OMG it is such nice weather today. Currently it is 67 degrees and sunny. There is a nice breeze and I have a major case of spring fever LOL I am so glad I am free to do whatever today. I just want to enjoy it. Last night I just say on my front porch, all I was missing was some sweet tea.  Maybe I will do that again tonight :) After I make the cake LOL.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

OMG My Body Aches

          I think I overdid it yesterday LOL according to my iphone I walked over 19,ooo steps. Nope, did not run a marathon, I simply was cleaning and mowing. I did not set out to do that much. I just had these purple flowering bushes I wanted to trim down so they would regrow back pretty. That led to thinking I would just mow that area because it needed to mulch up the cuttings. Then I saw another section that needed a bit of trimming, so I mowed there. Well that made front yard off balance so had to do other sections. That led me to seeing how long the grass on the side yard was, it was literally blowing in the wind. So I mowed it. I just wanted to put the mower in the backyard. Once there I saw some weeds I thought I could just pull real quick. Good grief, then I needed to mulch again. I swear it just all snowballed on me LOL I ended up doing whole backyard and the scary corridor on the side of my how. My yards look so much nicer now, but dang, all I wanted to do was trim the purple flowers LOL. Last night, after I showered, I could barely move LOL. I had used up all my energy and then some. Today, I am just sore.

          If I could I would do nothing, but Staci was invited to a escape room party with her friends. She is loving getting invited places. So I have to get her there by 10:40 this morning. Since to far to just drive home and wait, I have to occupy myself up in Orlando. So I figure I will go to Whole Foods and maybe Trader Joes. Afterwards there is this treat at Sonic that Staci wants; an Eclipse Shake that comes with eclipse glasses. Then home to try and do nothing.

Friday, April 5, 2024

The Absorption Company


          So, I decided to splurge on me for my staycation. I bought me The Essentials Set from The Absorption Company It came with one box of each flavor, Restore, Energy, Calm, and Sleep. The website describes them as:

Restore (Mango Lemonade) when electrolytes alone just aren't cutting it.

Energy (Fruit Punch) when caffeine just isn’t getting the job done.

Sleep (Chamomile Lemonade) when you can’t count on counting sheep.

Calm (Watermelon Lemonade) when you need something stronger than deep breaths.

          They all taste great. The Restore reminds me of Gatorade, I can definitely taste the electrolytes in it. My favorite so far, taste wise, is the Sleep. I just started drinking them yesterday. Each box has seven packets, so I will see how I feel at the end of the seven days. I am also trying to be mindful of healthier eating while I am drinking these. I was also so full from drinking LOL each is made with a full water bottle, so I am definitely hydrated.

          Staci got through her test yesterday. I am glad that is over. She has two more next month. After testing was done I managed to weed my back yard. Meaning I pulled up all the weeds LOL my back was worn out from all the bending and pulling. When it is dried out a bit more I will mow. Today's tasks are cleaning and pruning these purple flowers I have in front. They have been taken over by weeds/grass. Last time I did this I did not think they would grow back, but they did, so I am going to do it again LOL. Such an exciting vacation LOL.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

I Won the Lottery Again!


          LOL This time was $8.00 LOL I keep trying for that big win, but just get these little wins. Last week I bought a ticket for $20 and won $6, so I went and cashed it in last night, crossed my fingers, and bought another ticket, hoping for the big win. Nope LOL but I did get $8 back this time. Most likely I will cash that in and get another ticket next week LOL one of these times maybe I will win bigger or run out of winning tickets LOL

          Today is second day of my staycation and so much unfun today. Staci has her in person state writing test this morning. I do not like the in person tests, they are so stressful. Plus they never keep to their timetable. It is supposed to be 2 hours, yet it always seems to go over 3 hours. Very annoying. The kids have to wait until all the kids get there before they can start, and then have to wait until all the kids finish before they can be released.

          While she tests I will try and find ways to occupy myself LOL I am thinking of going to Aldi and maybe Cracker Barrel. Then napping in my car until she is free LOL Afterwards we will get lunch and go to Michaels. She has been invited to a birthday Escape Room party for her friend this weekend and she wants to make her a special bracelet as a gift. So we are off to hunt for a charm to put on it. After that, nothing planned but relaxing with some new drink mixes I am trying. I will post about those tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Spring Staycation 2024


          I made it to Staycation!!! One day early too. My plantar fasciitis is flaring up, which has me hobbling, so I had to call off work tonight. I feel terribly guilty, but I will get over it because I'M ON VACATION!!! LOL. No real plans for anything, I just like to take a break from work every six months. I do one week now and two weeks in October for Halloween. We never go anywhere but local places because my kids do not like to travel and I have two small dogs that cannot be left alone. Putting them in a kennel would traumatize them. So home we will stay. It is a good thing we live in Florida LOL. 

          I do have plans (once my foot cooperates) to go to SeaWorld. Also swimming at Aquatica. That is something we have never done. I'm sure I can find a movie to go watch. I will finish up my classes and help my daughter with her final semester.  I need to weed and mow back yard. Have some cleaning projects for inside. Nothing exciting, but all relaxing :) Plus I get to stay home with my pets and kids which is my favorite thing to do.