Thursday, April 4, 2024

I Won the Lottery Again!


          LOL This time was $8.00 LOL I keep trying for that big win, but just get these little wins. Last week I bought a ticket for $20 and won $6, so I went and cashed it in last night, crossed my fingers, and bought another ticket, hoping for the big win. Nope LOL but I did get $8 back this time. Most likely I will cash that in and get another ticket next week LOL one of these times maybe I will win bigger or run out of winning tickets LOL

          Today is second day of my staycation and so much unfun today. Staci has her in person state writing test this morning. I do not like the in person tests, they are so stressful. Plus they never keep to their timetable. It is supposed to be 2 hours, yet it always seems to go over 3 hours. Very annoying. The kids have to wait until all the kids get there before they can start, and then have to wait until all the kids finish before they can be released.

          While she tests I will try and find ways to occupy myself LOL I am thinking of going to Aldi and maybe Cracker Barrel. Then napping in my car until she is free LOL Afterwards we will get lunch and go to Michaels. She has been invited to a birthday Escape Room party for her friend this weekend and she wants to make her a special bracelet as a gift. So we are off to hunt for a charm to put on it. After that, nothing planned but relaxing with some new drink mixes I am trying. I will post about those tomorrow.

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