Sunday, April 14, 2024

Such Pretty Flowers


          Generic blog day LOL I woke up, it is great weather, so forcing myself to take my kids to Aquatica LOL been meaning to do it, but something so far has always interfered. Today I am giving us no excuses. I am going to get so burnt.

          Yesterday, despite my intentions, I still got steps in. Staci and I ended up going to Disney Springs. She found a light jacket she just had to have LOL. She does not often ask for things, but she wanted this jacket. That is the joy I pretending I am broke, so that when I need money for something, I have it. I am not rich by any means, but I can give my kids treats now and then.

           Going along with the blog post, I am trying to grow some flowers on my front porch. They have sprouted at least. Now hopefully they will get some blooms. I gave up in backyard LOL I kept getting pretty flowers but they all died, so now I have artificial ones back there LOL okay I take that back a bit. I have two flower bushes that are still alive, a hibiscus still hanging in there, and my jasmine is very much a vine. At least they are alive.

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