Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Back to School with Noom

              I cannot believe it is the last day of summer vacation.  Summer just flew by.  I work next few days so no fun, and then Monday comes and it is back to school for my daughter.  We are starting 7th grade this year. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How is my baby in seventh grade??? Back in my day that was called junior high LOL She is too young for this. I am so not ready for this.  I say we because I homeschool her. It works out so much better for us.  She can sleep in, do her lessons when she wants to, and if we feel like taking a day off, we just do LOL.  As long as lessons get done, then who cares LOL. 

                This school year P.E. will be a huge focus for us personally.  I plan on adding everything I am learning with Noom to her lessons LOL well kid version at least.  She is required to spend 150 minutes every week doing some sort of exercise.  Thirty-minute walks five times a week covers that.  Healthy nutritious lunches will have to be made, maybe I can even pack lunches LOL that way we know exactly what we are eating during the day and how many calories are being consumed. I carry a lunch bag to work, and it makes meals a bit more fun pulling out my treats. I should get her a lunch bag.

Today’s Noom lesson was about my two brains LOL old brain and new brain.  Old brain keeps you moving, breathing, eating, sleeping, it controls basic functions. New brain is language, attention, memory, decision making, all the sophisticated stuff. Both brains are needed to keep a person healthy. The old supports the new, so that the new can make better choices during the day, like saying no to chocolate and yes to walking a few more steps. I need to make good choices today so that I will not be disappointed tomorrow on the scale. I just need to lose that one pound this week to officially be at twenty pounds lost mark. Two pounds would be amazing LOL. Today I will make sure I get my steps in and watch my calories.  I am still working on my water intake.  I posted in my support group for help with that. The responses are just starting to come in. It is nice having a place to ask questions.

            So, since this is the last day of summer vacation for us, I should do something fun LOL no clue what.  It is too hot outside LOL that is drawback of living in Florida, the heat and humidity during the summer.  Bring on Autumn, I am ready for the weather to cool off. Okay it is Florida, so it won’t cool off for another couple months LOL at least let us get down to the 80’s for highs.  I have to pretend we have seasons here LOL I have been prepping for Fall for past couple of weeks. My son said he is okay with me decorating now if I want LOL so perhaps daughter and I will get out autumn dΓ©cor and start on the inside. Too soon for the outside.  Yesterday we got a bunch of pumpkin spice everything at Target LOL

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Never Say Diet


              The picture just makes me laugh, mostly because so much of it is truth.  There are days where I am just stunned at the behavior of people LOL so that takes care of 1,2,3,4, and 8 LOL.  I know better than to not write something down, I can hide Easter eggs from myself LOL an ant has a better memory than I do. So many times, I have walked into a room and just forgotten completely why I went in there, so that is 5 and 10. Number 6 is my favorite LOL I love naps, I take multiple everyday LOL some when I do not even want to. I often wonder if I have narcolepsy. Number 7 does not really apply to me, I do not drink, not because I think it is bad, I just have ZERO tolerance for any amount of alcohol. Number 9 is what I am all about these days LOL I want to be wrinkle free and well LOL more than three sizes smaller. I am working on that.

                Each day for the past two months I have woken up, drank my lemon water, had my coffee, and planned out how I would be healthier that day.  I am feeling lots better about myself.  I keep a log of how many steps I take daily, and yesterday I got over 16,000 in LOL so much for my cheat day. I had all sorts of intentions to just relax and take it easy since we were going out to a special restaurant but being healthy has become second nature now. That is a great thing.  I am more conscious and caring of what I put in my body.  If has even rubbed off on my daughter. She will now choose the healthier options. I am trying hard to never use the word “diet” instead we just say healthier.

 I do not ever want her to think of herself as overweight and in need of dieting. Looking back at the rare pictures of me when I was younger, I thought I was fat, but in reality, I was nowhere need fat. I looked normal and healthy.  I was not super skinny, but I also was not fat. People made me think I was though, and it killed my self-esteem.  I was her age when I developed my womanly figure, so the girls that had not gotten curves yet made me feel as if I was huge. My daughter is developing curves like I did. I do not want her thinking that is a bad thing. She will never be model slim, but she is proportioned correctly. She is my little amazon. She will be a stunning woman if she has confidence in herself.

 Oh, I mentioned the special restaurant, it was a robot restaurant LOL it had a little robot named Peanut that took us to our table, and a kitty cat robot that brought us menus and sang Happy Birthday to my daughter. The restaurant is called U&Me Hot Pot. My daughter, son, and I loved it. It is now my son’s favorite place LOL.  We sat at this table that had burners on it. We ordered a hot pot of broth that heated right in front of us. Along the sides of the tables was a conveyor belt that brought around all sorts of noodles, veggies, and dumplings that you could grab to add into your broth. There was a huge bar of meats and spices that you could select from as well. 

              We each got to customize our own hot pot. I discovered I like watercress in my broth. My son liked these beef meatballs that looked like marshmallows, and my daughter loved the boba tea and robots. Her face was enchanted while she listened to the kitty cat robot sing to her LOL Peanut was hilarious. If a person got in its way it would say “move out of my way or I will get angry” or “move, I have to work or I will get fired” LOL it was very entertaining.   

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Awesome August and Noom

OKAY I know I wrote a blog all about how water is key, but I am still struggling with it. It is one of my biggest challenges.  Just this past week I had an epic fail at work.  I normally take a 16-ounce bottle of diet sweet tea to work to drink. I get my sweet tea with no calories so bonus. Anyway, I ended up bringing that bottle back home with only one sip taken out of it. I was so busy I never had time to drink.  That is so bad for me. I tattled on myself to my son, so now he is actively reminding me to drink water.  I knew older women tend to be dehydrated, I just did not realize I was becoming that older woman LOL I do not even feel thirsty.  That is the bad part, my body does not signal me that it wants me to drink. In the morning I do okay.  I wake up and have a 10-ounce glass of lemon water, then I have 2 cups of coffee. So, I figure I am three cups into the recommended eight. After than I fail miserably. Last night I did get me some Metamucil LOL no laughing. I did not get it for the laxative effect, I got it because it helps curb appetite by giving you fiber, it helps control blood sugar, the fiber in it helps lower cholesterol, and improves GI health. So, I will mix it in two cups of water, and voila I have another two cups down LOL coffee + lemon water + Metamucil = 5 cups of the 8 needed. I just need to get those other three in me daily. So hard.  I have been reading all sorts of tips on internet, and none of them really spoke to me.  I just have to do it. Thank goodness my son is now after me LOL

                Today is August 1st, 2021.  A brand-new month. We had a great time celebrating my daughter’s birthday yesterday. I even managed to stay on track with my calories. At the restaurant I got my salad and immediately both kids each grabbed one of my two tortilla wedges it came with LOL less calories for me. My daughter liked the look of my salad more than what she ordered, so that encouraged me to eat less so that I could take it home for her to eat later. I was so happy I was able to be able to enjoy dinner out with my kids rather than worry about calories.  Sometimes you just have to put aside dieting to focus on fun times. Then you get back on track the next day LOL

 Noom is currently showing me #psychtricks to help me make proper choices and stay focused when faced with challenges like eating out. I got to say, if you have not figured it out by reading my posts yet, I love my Noom app LOL when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the temptation of not moving and just eating mindlessly, it helps a lot to just open the app and do a lesson or two.  I can also go into my support group area and read what others are posting, to remind myself that it is not just me. Others are having the same struggles I am. Sometimes just those few minutes I am in the app gives me a chance to curb my inner elephant LOL get into Noom and you will learn all about the elephant LOL

                So, with the new month my daughter and I are starting this new photo challenge I found on Pinterest.  It is an Instagram challenge. Each day you post a picture that goes with the theme of the day.  I found a whole year of themes and printed them out.  I am hoping it encourages us to be creative and get out more to find an interesting shot to snap.  Today is supposed to be “heatwave” fitting since it is so hot here lately. No hurricanes to cool us off. It has been a quiet season so far. If you are reading this and interested to see what we come up with, I am @leeandstacismom on Instagram. That is also my name on Pinterest LOL. I love finding out I have people checking out my pages LOL.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Birthday Girl Today :)

          Today is an incredibly special day!!!  It is my daughter’s 12th birthday!!!  I cannot believe how time has gone by so fast.  I swear it was just last year she was a little girl.  Now she is almost a young lady. Last week we were at Michaels, and I realized I was looking up into her eyes LOL I did not realize she had gotten taller than me. I am 5’5” so that means she must be about 5’6” now and she still has a lot of growing to do. She will be so tall LOL I love it.  She is my little amazon. With all that beautiful blond hair, those gorgeous blue eyes, incredible intelligence, sweet and tender heart, and those long legs I am in trouble when she discovers boys. Boys will also be in trouble too because they must get past me and her brother LOL, I am just so blessed and happy that I have her in my life.  She is my inspiration.

                We have been celebrating her all week. Each day we have gifted her a small present so we can drag out her birthday celebration LOL it makes it more fun. I rearranged my schedule at work so that I could have this special day off.  Last night, as a family, we watch the new Jungle Cruise movie. It was great. We made crab cakes, baked chicken (kids did not like the crab) and broccoli tots. We also had popcorn cause well it was a movie night LOL.  This morning I will go pick up her cake from Publix. She picked out a Strawberry Decadence cake. This evening we are going to her chosen restaurant of Bahama Breeze. Tomorrow will be Farmer’s Market, and The Monday will be last birthday bit of going to this robot themed Hot Pot restaurant called U&Me. Kids are really looking forward to that one because of the robots that roam around bringing what you order.

                All these activities are so calorie laden, so I am a bit worried, but optimistic.  I was certain I had blown it yesterday with my calories, but this morning when I was brave enough to log what I had eaten, I was stunned to see that I still fell within my calorie range LOL the nightly walk with my kids helped big time. After this is posted I will do more walking so that I can enjoy dinner tonight.  I have looked at the online menu and figured out what I can eat LOL tomorrow is normally my cheat day, but since cheating a bit all weekend, I will skip it LOL that way I stay on track.  I am loving watching the scale drop each week.

                Today’s Noom lesson said I was to celebrate what I have accomplished which is finishing 130 lessons. I have been using Noom now for 68 days now. In that time, I have lost 19 lbs., that is almost 20 lbs.!!!! LOL something I never thought I could do at my age. That is simply amazing to me.  If all goes well, by the end of this upcoming week, I will have officially lost twenty pounds. That means more socks LOL every time I lose weight, I get myself a silly pair of socks as a reward. Noom suggested I reward myself in the beginning with something, so I chose socks LOL usually I get practical socks, but when I lose weight, I get a silly frivolous pair LOL. When I wear them, it is a reminder that I am succeeding. By the time Spring comes I will need a whole other sock drawer LOL that and some new clothes.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Birthday Week Begins

Staci and me being silly

          It is birthday week!!!  My daughter turns 12 on Saturday, so this week is all about her.  I cannot believe how fast she is growing up.  I keep trying to convince her the 1+2=3, but she is not going for it LOL she was adorable when she was 3, at 12 she is just stunning me with her beauty inside and out.  I am so very blessed to be her mom.  Yesterday her first present got here. I got her a Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition.  I did not intend to get her that though, my brother started that LOL he send her a Switch game, but she has Switch lite, so it would not work. That got me looking into how much a regular Switch was and I found on Amazon it was not that bad now. So, she ended up with one.  Oh, and my brother LOL I got him back. He did not think his purchase through. As soon as his granddaughter heard that Staci was playing the game they picked out, she wanted one too LOL so now he must buy it again so they can play together LOL I am rationalizing the purchase as since I could not get a reservation at a resort with a waterpark or a backyard waterslide, the money I would have spent on those, more than covers what I spent on the Switch. After seeing her play with it, it was totally worth it. Between my son and I, we have a present for her every day this week to make her birthday celebration last longer. I changed up my work schedule so that I would have all weekend of to celebrate her. Bonus is once I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I will have six days in a row off so a mini vacation for me!!!

                With only two days off right now I am having to smush everything I normally do in 4 off to just the 2.  I do not know how other people manage with just two days off LOL that is one good thing about being a nurse, I am off work more than I am on. Yesterday I mowed my back yard but ran out of weed whacker line to finish it. So, my son, daughter, and I went to Home Depot. Inspiration hit while we were there, and my son and I ended up getting the supplies to make this Halloween decoration. We are making a scary archway to put in front of our outside hallway leading to the front door. We got PVC pipes to create it. Is going to be 8 feet tall. We are painting the pipes black and attaching purple and orange Halloween lights to the sides, so it lights up the hall just enough to see but still stay spooky for the trick or treaters. From the top we are going to get a black tarp and I will cut it so it is shredded lengthwise, and people will have to walk through it to get candy. We are also going to find a spooky sign for up top that says, “Enter if you dare”.  My neighborhood goes crazy for holidays, so this will be great. Our skeletons this year are going to be dressed as the king and queen holding court on the front porch LOL last year, they were Disney Tourists. Lots of people took photos on our porch LOL we had about 100 kids show up last year and that was with Covid restrictions. This year I figure that number should double. I love that we get all those kids roaming about for trick or treating. It makes it so much more special.

                I have been totally into Autumn this past two weeks. I joined a Facebook group called Fall Lovers and the pictures and posts are stunning. So many amazing decorations and recipes.  I want to do all of them. Some have been posting finds at Cracker Barrel, so going there is on the agenda today LOL Last week I bought a bunch of decorations online that should arrive soon. I have been hitting up Hobby Lobby and Michaels but hiding my purchases from myself. I will bring them out in September.  If I wait too long to get the stuff it will be all gone. Last year we shopped in September and almost all Halloween was gone, and Christmas was out. This year we are planning better since Autumn is our favorite time of year in my home.

                Autumn will be a definite challenge with Noom.  So many recipes I want to make. I love making soups, but they have lots of calories.  I am going to have to be exceptionally good and either abstain or figure out a way to make the soups have less calories LOL for the pumpkin stuff, I got sugar free pumpkin spice and such syrups LOL.  I can make my own lattes at home. Sundays are still my no diet day, so all the goodies will have to be on that day. I like that Noom allows me to eat anything I want; I just must stay within calorie allotment.  Last week I lost another two lbs. so now total lost is 18!!! I cannot believe that. Since schedule is off, I am not sure how it will go this week and next.  If I can figure it out and stay within my allotment, by the time I weigh in next I will be down 20 lbs!!! That is something I once thought was impossible. I have hope again that I can get down to a normal weight before this time next year. Okay I have babbled enough in here. Time to go get half my steps in before kids wake up and daughter tries to take over my TV again to play her Switch LOL

Monday, July 19, 2021

Set Point vs Happy Weight

          According to Noom the Set Point Theory hypothesizes that our body regulates our metabolism to maintain a certain body weight.  Everyone’s set point is unique, it is determined by genes, it is a range where your body can sit comfortably and sustain. The set point is when your body can function most optimally. A body’s set point is not necessarily your happy weight.  Happy weight is the weight at which a person feels happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. My set point is not my happy weight. I am healthy for the most part, but not happy with how I look.  I keep waiting for somebody to notice that I am getting healthier. Okay granted I do not go places where people know me LOL I just hang out with my kids and go to work. Coworkers will take forever to notice since I will not give up my baggy, comfy scrubs yet. I also still do not see it.  I would have thought a 15 lbs. weight loss would be noticeable, but I guess I am wrong.  My mind knows it though, so that is good part. Since my mind understands that what I am doing it working, just very slowly, it keeps me going.  Whenever I feel like giving up, my mind reminds me that this time next year, I will be so happy that I did not give up.

                Yesterday was Sunday, my day of not worrying about diet or exercise LOL I still do though. I still made sure I got my 12,000 steps in and that I did not go crazy with the calories.  It sort of is just a habit now LOL.  I did discover that I can have Panda Express and Denny’s.  Panda Express has fit wok choices. So, I got to relish super greens for 90 calories, beef broccoli for 150 calories, and string bean chicken for 180 calories. It was delicious.  At Denny’s I got the fit slam which is just 450 calories. I was happy and so were my kids. We are a family that likes eating out LOL slowly I am breaking away from my super structured diet. I am finding other ways to enjoy foods while staying within my calorie count.  There is another Noomer on Twitter that I follow who posts pictures of her food choices, all keeping her under 1200 calories a day.  It looks challenging, but when I asked her how she does it, her response was most items are frozen, she just divides them up. She also plates them so nicely LOL I do not have time for that. I can do the frozen stuff though LOL going to investigate that more.

                So now time for watching an episode of Leverage for distraction while I get half of my steps in, then lunch time. By then kids are up and it is time to be social LOL. I know grocery shopping is on schedule. My son needs to go to Best Buy to look for a charger so that goes on to do list. After that, no clue what we are doing LOL.  I like it that way. I am not big on planning things. That just stresses me out. To do lists motivate me, but plans, those are yucky. I am more just do it when I want to. That way I have freedom to be lazy LOL

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Alert, Oriented, and Ambulatory with Noom

             The other day I read a quote from Raven-Symone of all people that was inspiring and a bit mind altering LOL it was “I want to make sure my body is healthy and prepared to deal with old age”.  At the age I am now, this means a great deal to me.  I might not look my age, but there are days when I feel it.  One of the reasons I am trying so hard to get healthy is to fight against the effects of aging. I want to be able to move freely and think clearly. When I get to my golden years, I want to still be alert, oriented, and ambulatory LOL those are magical terms to a nurse.

                This is why I am trying so hard to follow all the advice Noom gives me. It might be silly to others, but for me, it is working.  For years I have tried to “lose weight” and have always failed. It seemed nothing worked. The past couple of years I have had some very minor mental scares that reminded me I am at risk for things I do not want to be at risk for. So, I decided to stop trying to just lose weight, but instead get healthier.  Healthier is betting than skinnier. I have seen many people at the hospital who were skinny, but totally unhealthy.  Healthy is a total mind and body thing.  Noom understands that and works to help get the mind healthier so that the body will follow. It is constantly giving me psychological tips, research, and strategies to get healthy. This week it has been teaching me about the need for better sleep. While I doubt, I can get more sleep due to my schedule, I can understand that lack of sleep will the tendency to cause me to overeat and make poor choices. So, I need to be mindful of that, and adjust my thinking. 

                That is why I liked the picture that goes with this post. I want to exercise so my body gets healthier and lasts me a long time. I want to eat things that will nourish my body, not be on a diet forever.  I need to ignore the self-doubt when I think I cannot do this, since June I have been doing this and doing it well. I also need to realize that I am important to my kids, therefore I need to care enough for them to care for me.

                Every morning I wake up thinking I will just take a day of rest LOL no diet, no exercise, no nothing. I will just be a couch potato LOL it is my habit to check emails, Instagram, Facebook, and play games before I am even out of bed, it eases me into my day. I also check into Noom and that squashes the couch potato idea. It reminds me to be healthy and make good choices. The lessons I have to read, the logging I do, and the message boards all help refocus me and motivate me to give it another day 😊. My older body will thank me for the choices I make today.

Monday, July 12, 2021

A Noomy Christmas in July

               This weekend we had fun and celebrated Christmas in July. I blame the Hallmark Channel LOL all those Christmas movies got to me.  It was a fun excuse to make a ham dinner with rolls and mashed potatoes. I also discovered I do not like purple sweet potatoes. I will stick to regular ones from now on.  My daughter and I made Christmas cookies and homemade eggnog. My son and I watched Black Widow while dinner baked in the oven. Then even both had a present to open (love excuses to spoil them). It was not elaborate, just fun.

                OKAY back to fitness now LOL this weekend I got off track big time. I even ate two donuts LOL, and they were good, but since I have had no sweets in ages, by the time I was on second one, I was not enjoying it so much. It was too sweet, so I will take that slip up as a learning tool. Now I know my sweet tooth is way more sensitive than before. Which is a good thing. Means I am making progress.  I also had fun in my mind because one of my coworkers who had teased me about my Noom diet, asked me how it was going.  I wear baggy scrubs so really cannot see any difference. When I said I had already lost 15 lbs. (YAY ME) in about a month and a half, she suddenly was extremely interested and not teasing LOL.  One of these days I know she is going to break and want to try it too LOL I will help of course, but inside feel so satisfied that I accomplished something they thought I could not and now they wanted my help.

                Not very Noomy to gloat, but inside my mind I will a bit. Gloat is wrong word I think, more of internal triumph that I am succeeding.  It helps so much when I see scale moving.  I cannot wait for the first time somebody sees me and notices a difference.  At work I am sure will take a bit since all covered up with scrubs. I would have to switch to a smaller size for it to be noticeable. Not going to give up my comfy, roomy scrubs just yet. Maybe when I lose another 10 lbs. I only see it on myself when I see my neck not so fluffy, and my ankles not so swollen after working all weekend.

                My Noom learning coach asked me what I thought was biggest factor in losing weight with Noom. I had to admit to her that it was the food logging. LOL, I told her up front, way back in the beginning I would not be doing that since so complicated. She said give it at least a try. So, since I had paid for program, I thought I should do all of it at least a bit. I started super simple, so I did not have to hunt for every ingredient. After using it a bit, I discovered most everything I was eating, somebody had already uploaded the ingredients, so it was easy LOL hardest part was remembering what I had eaten. I had seen on our app message boards that another Noomer was putting their foods in even before eating. That way they could see what their plan for day looked like ahead of time and adjust. So, I am doing that a bit. If I have extra calories, then I can divide them up between my planned meals for more oomph.

                Today I am going to try and stay on low side of my calories to make up for yesterday a bit. Not going to punish myself for having a good time with my kids but going to be more mindful to eat healthy today. So once done with this, I will get some stepping done while watching new Leverage: Redemption (so excited) and then have a healthy brunch salad. Afterwards will do some errands with my daughter, and later tonight take my nightly family walk after eating something healthy for dinner LOL I am contemplating Greek chicken with roasted veggies. I found a calorie free marinade I am wanting to try.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Noom Psychology Works LOL

          So, it is Wednesday, and I am up LOL I have my coffee and am waiting to take my dog to the vet for a booster shot (Shhhhhh do not tell her yet).  I have been a bit busy so have not posted in a few days. OK not busy, just have not been sitting at my computer much.  I finished up my paralegal program this week, so no school until next month.  I never know what to do with myself in between classes. I take college courses for 2 major reasons: it keeps my mind active and gives me something in common with my adult son. This coming fall we are taking Spanish and Foreign Politics together. Both courses outside my comfort zone, but he totally gets them LOL.

                This weekend was Independence Day.  We had a nice time relaxing at home.  We made BBQ chicken and burgers. Luckily, the holiday fell on my cheat day so I could indulge a bit. We watched Raya and the Last Dragon together, then lit sparklers while watching all the neighbor’s fireworks. They all put on spectacular displays LOL. No need to drive anywhere.

                After the holiday it was back to my diet.  Last week the scale did not move which was a bummer, but I did not give up. Noom app is always telling me that is okay.  Good grief the psychology part of it is working a bit LOL I actually did not get too discouraged.  I am hoping this week it changes a bit for the better. I have been getting in a lot of steps and watching my calories. I have been saving calories on snacks to use for bigger meals LOL well more decadent meals. I discovered quite painfully that I can no longer eat as much as I used to. One burger (no bun) + some BBQ chicken and I had a stomachache LOL I did not eat again until the next afternoon I was still so full.

                Yesterday on Noon app it introduced the 4 Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress. All those areas influence weight and overall health.  So now I have to focus on better nutrition, not just calories. I need to realize exercise does not really aid in weight loss, but rather keeps body functioning better, I need to get more sleep, and I need to manage my stress better.  If I do all those things, then I will have a better chance at succeeding with the Noom program. I am doing well with the exercise, but the rest is still a work in progress.  I am trying to eat healthier and take vitamins. Stress is always there, but I am working to not let it get to me. I try and live as drama free as possible. The hardest one for me to get a grip on is sleep. I can fall asleep very easily, but just for naps. I do not remember when I ever just got 8 hours straight. Probably was before I had kids LOL. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Noom and the Measure of Success


Okay I liked my Noom lesson today.  It talked about how measuring progress does not have to be in lbs lost, but in other ways. Such as better sleep, less aches, and pains, making healthy choices, turning down treats, getting others to be healthier, basically they said, “Progress can be whatever the heck YOU want it to be”.  The topic was dealing with plateaus and how to just ride them out by focusing on other areas of success.  The body adapts quickly to calorie changes and will work with what it gets, so weight loss can get stalled a lot. Mine adapts very quickly unfortunately. I just need to not focus on the scale at times and look to other areas where I have made positive changes.  I noticed my cheeks do not look so fluffy LOL and I think my ankles look better LOL all the stuff in between still looks the same.

                I count it a success though that on my days off I am averaging over 11,000 steps a day. I also count it a success that every day I start with my lemon water and a healthy breakfast.  I think I am staying awfully close to my calorie allotment daily, so that is good as well.  Huge success is my kids are totally on board with helping me. They no longer try and tempt me with yummies. They look for the lighter versions of things now too.  Last night we made dinner together and used a sugar free marinade my daughter found at the store.  It was delicious and on 5 calories a serving or 115 calories for the whole bottle. It was Thai Chili and we poured it over sliced chicken breasts, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. We then baked it all together. It was so delicious. Since marinade had basically no calories, veggies were all healthy and light, the chicken was only calorie dense food. I had removed all the skin and fat, so it was just meat. I could eat and not feel guilty. My daughter was immensely proud of herself for finding it.  She insisted I get the other two flavors, garlic parmesan and orange ginger, both sugar free as well. We cannot wait to try them.

                Another success was we went out and walked, it had been raining all evening, but we still needed our walk. Once it stopped pouring, we were able to walk with it just sprinkling a tiny bit. I finished the day with a step count of 12,424 steps. I got a lot accomplished yesterday.  I made a to do list and managed to cross them all off.  I like having a to do list.  It keeps me focused on what needs to be done.  Today I know in addition to Noom, this blog, lemon water and coffee (all I have done so far) I need to get food prepped for work weekend so I have healthy food choices to combat the chocolate and fatigue at work LOL, I have to do laundry, get my steps in (I do a big chunk of them in my living room while I watch an episode of The Mentalist), and then maybe work on this flamingo wreath I designed in my head for my room LOL.  I have all the stuff; I just need to put it together. Wednesdays I try and take it a bit easy since it is my last day of relaxation before work.

Oh yeah, I must get stuff for the Fourth of July this Sunday LOL it falls on my cheat day so YAY!!!  Son has asked for burgers. Totally doing that. I used to get fireworks, but then we saw the neighbors around us go crazy with their fireworks, so we always get amazing shows no matter where we look, front yard, back yard, windows, the fireworks are going off all around us.  The first year here we were lighting small stuff in the yard. One went about 6 feet high. My son had just said we should stop since did not want to scare the neighbors. Just then one of the surrounding houses started setting off professional grade fireworks LOL my son looked at me, laughing and said “we’re good” it was timed so perfectly that it was hilarious. Pets hate the noise, so they stay hidden, while my daughter and I run around the house, trying to see all the fireworks going off.  It is fun.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Hope + Noom = Success

     Back on normal schedule sort of LOL I got an extra day off this weekend, which is AWESOME. I used it to sleep and recover. So, my normal Sunday off I got a lot accomplished as well as did over 14,000 steps.  Between grocery shopping, errands, farmer’s market, and mowing my front lawn I was able to rack up bunches of steps. I did cheat on diet though, but it was my cheat day.  I stay mindful of calories, but do not track them LOL I probably went over allotment, but in my opinion, people need to have a cheat day once a week.  This gives them something to look forward to. I had so many yummies to eat, but I did not get to them all LOL

            I miss cooking. It was my creative outlet. Now if I cook, I must really try hard and make it as healthy as possible, or just let my kids eat it LOL this weekend I made stir fry.  They ate the meat and udon noodles, and I got all the veggies minus the broccoli, my daughter wanted them LOL.  I still am trying extremely hard, and a lot of the time I still believe I will succeed this time. When I daydream, it is about how healthy I will be this time next year.  If I can stay focused now, by Christmas I will hit a major goal.

            Noom confused me a bit though this week.  It said exercise does not really do much, it is more about the calorie intake. It did say exercise has LOTS of good benefits, but the most important thing to loosing weight is calorie intake.  I guess that makes sense.  A person could be working out 5 times a day, but if they are eating massive calories, the exercise will not do much. So, thinking it through, I am no longer confused LOL. I will however keep moving.  I know I feel better if I get my steps in.  I know when my son started his weight loss, all he did was cut back on calories. He focused on that first.  Then he added walking 5 minutes every hour, then 10 minutes an hour.  As I have mentioned before, he lost about 100 lbs. and is feeling so much better.  Now he is working on getting a bit of muscle tone LOL he got too skinny.  He can easily do push ups now and kicks. Before he had too much mass to do those things. He moves a lot more freely.  That is what I want the most, be able to move a lot easier.   

            This morning as I was making my lemon water I wondered briefly how much longer, I had to remind myself there is not end point, this is just the new normal.  Getting healthy is not something I will ever stop doing, it is just the way it is now.  The part of me that liked to overindulge and sit on the couch, is just going to have to get lost.  It sucks not being able to be lazy and just cook and eat what I want. What sucks more though is the pain I feel when I stand up, having to tell my daughter no because I am too tired, being scared when I feel short of breath or my chest hurting, and being terrified that I will not be there for when my daughter is an adult.  That is what keeps me going, and hoping that this will all pay off in the long run.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Noom Gave me Peace of Mind


I was so worried about getting sidetracked off my diet while my ex was in town, and we were all going out.  I am thrilled to say I did not WOOOHOOO!!!  I still lost 2lbs this past week.  So that is a total of 10 lbs. so far.  I am so happy and pleased with myself.  I am on an adrenalin high right now.  I hope it lasts all night long because I have been up since 5a.m. and I must work tonight.  By the time I get off work and home for bed, I will have been up 28 hours. Not going to be fun. My son is giving me some of his energy Mio to drink when I start fading.  He is so incredibly supportive of me.  I would be lost without him. 

Monday, we had a fun time together.  My ex, my son, my daughter, and I went to SeaWorld.  Lots of walking around and looking at the animals.  We found a new area that my daughter and I had never found before, the sea lions.  They were awesome and so loud.  I bought 5 trays of food for the lions, and they all fed them.  You had to make eye contact and throw fast, if threw slow the birds snatched it away.  We also went to watch the Orca Encounter show.  We had never done that either. It was cool up until the very end.  Then the water in the tank attacked me courtesy of the orca’s tail.  All I saw was a wall of water coming at me.  I got drenched!!! Not just a little wet but soaked all the way through wet.  And it was salty. I am trying to not think about what ended up in my mouth LOL. Everyone thought it was funny seeing me soaked, I did not. OK it was funny but uncomfortable being that wet for rest of the day. We also checked out the sharks, stingrays, and my favorite, the flamingos.

Tuesday, we went to Disney Springs. I thought I had blown it as far as calories, but thanks to Noom I was able to log in the poutine I consumed (which was totally delicious) and found out as long as I did not eat any more calories, I was still okay LOL. I refrained from eating any of the pizza they had, I stuck to munching on some cucumber slices to help get me through the video we watched and drank lots of diet sweet tea. As much as I hate logging foods, being able to look up calories on Noom has helped.  By end of day yesterday I was still 100 calories under my daily allotment. So, I did not beat myself up mentally for having the poutine. Without the app I would have assumed I totally messed up my diet and would have gone to bed depressed after probably telling myself since I had already blown it, I might as well have some other junk food. Noom took those thoughts away, so I was able to go to sleep feeling proud of myself for making it through the pizza LOL.

Monday, June 21, 2021

New and Healthy Goal

         This past weekend was definitely different.  Not only did I not have to work, but my ex-husband came into town to visit our son.  My son was not looking forward to it, but he was open to it at least LOL Perhaps part of him was looking forward to it? Thankfully he has been awesome to his dad. He has spent last couple of nights with him at his hotel instead of coming home.  When my son told his dad he was planning on doing that, his dad’s face lit up like he had won the lottery. I was so proud of my son for being able to do that.  It is funny to me that now his dad and I get along, we are friends now. Twenty-three years ago we were definitely not friends. Divorce was bitter and the custody battle lasted over a decade. It wasn’t until our son was in high school that we started being friendly again. He has a very simple life that in some ways I am envious of LOL he has his own business where he delivers who knows what with his truck. I think it would be so fun to be able to drive all over the country, stopping to look at interesting places if I felt like it, and getting to set my own schedule. He hardly has any bills and very little responsibilities in my mind LOL I realize there is probably lots more to it than I am aware of.  I couldn’t do it.  I fall asleep too fast when I get in the car, and I am driving LOL big drawback is he is unhealthy.

       My ex was shocked when he saw our son for the first time since pre-Covid.  During the past year my son lost close to 100 lbs. He looks amazing.  It also thrilled me to no end that when ex saw me he noticed I had lost weight, was nice to hear that my efforts are starting to be noticeable. I believe my ex found all the pounds our son lost though. He looks very unhealthy.  So that is my next project LOL I, along with my son’s help, and going to try and help ex get healthier.  I know my son would be devastated to lose his dad, and if he doesn’t change some habits, that is what is going to happen. I told my son he helps me so much, that he should help his dad as well. I told him I would find the tips and he could pass it along. Or if his dad wishes, I can be his diet buddy LOL it would also help me be accountable since I would be forced to practice what I preached.  It will be a challenge though since ex’s days are spent in the cab of his truck.  I told son to tell him “drink more water, chose the healthiest food options he can find at truck stops, no more soda or sweets, and three times a day move for 10 minutes”. I also told son he needs to send a text a day to encourage his dad to be mindful of his health. I will help son with those texts since he is not really into this yet LOL I am hoping that together we can get his dad healthier.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Noom Nom


          Well, I have the rare weekend off which is quite nice.  My ex-husband is driving in today to take our son out for a visit.  I think they are heading to Saint Augustine, Florida today.  While they are doing their thing, my daughter and I will be entertaining ourselves.  Since we are meeting at a mall, I think she and I will walk around that place for a bit, then possibly Ikea. Only been there once, but we found some fun stuff so might be worth a return visit since we will be in the area. I had wanted to go to a different farmer’s market than the usual one, but ex kind of is putting a damper on that one. Oh well, is probably better. I tend to get yummies that are totally not diet worthy at farmer’s markets LOL  

                I am still staying on my Noom diet. Even with my work schedule all messed up, I did not cheat. So far, I did not lose any more weight, but I also did not gain any weight, so I will call that a win. Perhaps this week I can convince the scale to move.  I am rationalizing it was due to less activity since all I did was work and sleep, no 11,000 steps a day. I also ate a few unhealthy options but stayed within calorie count LOL.

          According to Noom though, that is okay. No food is off limits, I just need make sure I do not overindulge. In case anybody is curious, Noom divides up foods into a color system, hence my rainbow food picture I swiped off the internet LOL (one of these days I will create my own amazing pictures to put on here). The three colors are green, yellow, and red.  The Noom system says about 30 percent of your intake should come from green foods, 45 percent from yellow foods, and 25 percent from red foods. It is just a tool to help teach and guide me in making smart food choices.  I have flexibility in what I wish to eat, there are no restrictions. The main focus I see so far, is staying within my calorie range. I start with 1200 calories a day, and if I exercise, the calories I expend are divided in half, and I get those half calories. For example, I burn 200 calories, I get 100 of those added into my 1200 to equal 1300 for the day.  The more I burn, the more calories I get to spend. Yesterday I burned lots of calories working and mowing, so I got to splurge on a Wendy’s Jalapeno Popper salad. It was delicious.

Wendy's Jalapeno Popper salad

Green foods like blueberries, apples, carrots, peppers, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, beets, berries, bananas, oats, whole-grain bread, quinoa, non-fat dairy products, and egg whites are all great choices and typically do not have a lot of calories.  Yellow foods such as avocado, salmon, chicken, turkey, beans, tofu, whole eggs, tempeh, lean ground beef, black beans, chickpeas, and low-fat dairy are still healthy, but I need to watch the calorie count.  Red foods like olive oil and other oils, nuts and seeds, nut butters, dried fruit, beef, pork, full-fat dairy, bacon, French fries, burgers, potato chips, pizza, and cake are all high calories. 

          Some red foods are still healthy choices like the nuts and dried fruit, and others are not so healthy LOL I so wish those French fries had made it on the green list. I will steer clear of them, but bacon on the other hand is one that this Southern belle will refuse to give up LOL.  Since it is all about moderation, I can add a few pieces of bacon to some whole grain toast, a smear of olive oil mayo, sliced tomato, some lettuce and I have a scrumptious BLT to enjoy.  So red not necessarily bad or forbidden, I just need be careful with foods in that color area.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Noom Over Chocolate


          OMG This weekend was a challenge.  I was super busy at work.  I had way too many admissions, trying to keep them all straight in my head was an ordeal.  It really was not fair to me.  Sometimes just because I can do it, does not mean I should do it. Plus, side of being so busy, I did not have time to think about snacks and I got a lot of steps in.  So, I managed to not cheat (so proud of myself). On the last night, when I am at my most vulnerable, I faced an almost impossible challenge: CHOCOLATE.  A patient had left a box of chocolates as a gift for the nurses. Great googamooga I wanted a piece of chocolate. The other staff kept taking pieces and going on and on about how delicious they were, moaning was even involved LOL during those moments I swear they were purposely tormenting me because I am dieting. I am sure they were not, but I was not thinking very rationally with chocolate around.  What did I do to combat it? I opened my Noom app and did my daily lessons. I frantically read through them, desperately searching for skills to get me through temptation. I posted on the support group message stream about my predicament even LOL and you know what? I made it through LOL I did not take even a small piece of chocolate.  I realize one piece would not kill me, but it was what it symbolized.  If I gave in, then all that I had worked for was gone in my mind.  I would have felt like I let myself down.  I have been working extremely hard to maintain control of my appetite and diet. I have my kids involved in helping me get healthier.  If I gave in at the first temptation of chocolate, then I would feel like I let them and myself down.  So, I said no thank you.
 Even at the end of the shift, nobody around, just me and my conscience, I said no LOL shoot I peaked at the chocolates but restrained myself.  I felt so accomplished and proud of myself for that. Noom says I do not have to say no to any food, just have it in moderation.  Right now, until I am better in control, I am saying no to a lot of foods. Sort of detoxing from them.  I do not think I have had any added sugar in three weeks now. No white bread, only whole grain toast, no pasta, LOTS of romaine lettuce LOL and tuna. Keeping a tight grip on my diet right now until it becomes second nature. I am hoping to eventually get to my son’s level LOL he has not had sugar in years. Plus, he has lost almost 100 lbs.  He is amazing in my mind.


Sundays are my relax and refresh day. I still do adulting stuff but I am also trying to do something fun as well.  I got home and mowed my lawn. Not really fun until I am done, then I feel so accomplished looking at my freshly mowed yard. It makes me feel not so old LOL I see so many people in neighborhood hire people to do their yard, but I manage to do it all by myself. I am a mess to look at afterward LOL it is a great workout. I also did laundry and grocery shopped so I would have all my diet food for the week. Work schedule is off this week so I had to get ready sooner than usual.  My kids and I made tacos for dinner (I didn’t have any, just the fun of cooking with Staci again) and we made a TikTok recipe for the first time. Pickled Red Peppers.  They were super easy. We thinly sliced up one large red onion and put into a mason jar. For pickling juice we combined 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tbsp salt, ¼ cup sugar, and some cracked pepper. Heated it up on stove to melt the sugar, then poured it over the onions in the jar. Lid on and set it on counter to cool before placing it in fridge. Overnight it turned pink LOL I cannot wait to try some on my salad today. Staci has decided she likes red onions now, so she is looking forward to trying some as well.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Noom is Working!!!


    I lost 5 lbs this past week!!!! I know I won’t lose that every week, so this is huge celebration!!! Since started Noom, I am down 7 lbs 😊 That is just incredible to me. My son says soon I will have to worry about my clothes falling off LOL I doubt that, I have drawstrings LOL Honestly I really haven’t noticed the loss in the mirror, but the scale says it is gone, so I will just believe. 

    Noom is working LOL who would have thought it would. I certainly didn’t.  I have been giving it a chance though, and it is paying off.  I have been logging my meals, staying within my calorie allowance, and walking every day with my kids. Well except on the weekend when I work, which starts tonight. What is also helping me stay on track is the support group surprisingly.  I really like being able to look at our message stream for new posts. We all have struggles and successes, and we get to share them there. Today the group coach said we could even share recipes if we wanted. I cannot wait to report my loss 😊 I know co-workers won’t be happy for me, but hopefully the Noom group will.  It was also great to message my personal coach that I lost 5 lbs. I got a big WOOHOOO back from her.

    The latest lesson from Noom is mindful eating. It is just what it sounds like. Being fully aware when you are eating. Not snacking while watching TV or playing on the computer. Making eating an event. Putting away distractions and focusing on what you are putting into your mouth. It really does work.  If I am just focused on what I am eating, I feel full faster, so I eat less.  It also helps to think if I really want those last few bites.  It is so hard unlearning the habit from childhood of finishing everything on my plate. Parents from my generation always said that, but back then the portion sizes were proper. Now portions are at least doubled. That Noom lesson was a couple of days ago LOL my favorite trick for that, is using smaller plates.

    OKAY challenging couple of weeks ahead. My work schedule is all messed up, my son’s dad is visiting, and my son has asked his sister and me to be a buffer while he is here, so we will be going out bunches. There is a food truck festival that we might go to on Sunday as well.  I will be doing my best to stay within calorie allowance and get my walking in. Must protect my 7 lbs now 😊

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Water May be the Key to Everything


          I have been feeling so tired lately.  I will try and sleep at least for six hours at night, this is a lot for me, and I will wake up wide awake and ready for the day.  I get up, get dressed, drink my glass of lemon water (very refreshing), have a cup of coffee, then sit down at my laptop to do either school stuff for me or my daughter (I home school) or I write a blog (well trying to).  Mornings are my most productive time.  I love waking up before the sun and opening the back door to the patio.  The animals love going out there to lounge in the morning sunshine. I like hearing the birds chirp and the world waking up. Around 10am I will adjourn to the living room and put on whatever show I am currently binge watching, and walk in place to get some steps in, usually for an entire episode. After that I become useless lately.  I will sit down and within moments become so tired I want a nap. Does not matter what time of the day or if I have already had a nap, I want to sleep.  I am wondering if my extreme fatigue is due to me not drinking enough water lately. My goal is eight cups a day. I do great in the morning, I get in about four of them before I hit the living room, but after that I suck LOL.  I keep a bottle of diet sweet tea next to me all the time, but I forget to drink or fall asleep before I can.  I need to work on increasing my water intake.  Maybe that will help.  I looked up all the good reasons for drinking water, so I thought I would share.

    πŸ’§  Water increases energy (definitely need this)

    πŸ’§  Water removes toxins (healthier insides)

    πŸ’§  Water cushions joints (my aches and pains might improve)

    πŸ’§  Water fuels muscles (easier to move)

    πŸ’§  Water strengthens the immune system (hate being sick)

    πŸ’§  Water helps clear skin (also lessens wrinkles)

    πŸ’§  Water enhances metabolism (burn them calories)

    πŸ’§  Water boosts productivity (feel more accomplished)

    πŸ’§  Water promotes weight loss (definitely need)

    πŸ’§  Water reduces fatigue (my whole point)

Monday, June 7, 2021

Noom 'ing Along


           So, on May 4, 2021 I got an email offering me 90% of Noom.  I had tried it before but did not really like it or give it a shot. They apparently wanted me to try again.  Since the time I first tried it, I met another nurse at the hospital who had used it very successfully and raved about it. I was curious, but not enough to spend all that money. I am cheap that way LOL I do not like to just throw my money away.  But 90% off was an extreme deal, something like $93 and change for the whole year. That I could manage, so I splurged and bought the program.

          The first week was again in my mind silly, they were not telling me anything I did not already know.  The course is laid out in lessons, and the first one was Intro to the Psychology of Weight Loss. I have taken multiple psychology courses and read hundreds of articles on weight loss tips and tricks, none of this was new info. Once again, I felt like I was not going to benefit from the Noom app. But hey, I bought it so might as well keep using it.

          Second week's lesson: Food Fundamentals. Again, nothing new, I did like seeing my streak number grow. I also got a Noom coach. I thought that was a joke, the messages all sounded like bot messages. Nothing personal to them but my name.

          By now the app had me think about what my ultimate goal was.  It was not just to lose weight, but rather why I wanted to lose. Not for love, which is a common reason, mine was for my kids.  Lately I have been moving slow because of pain in my knees and feet. Once I am up, I am fine, but getting up hurts and it takes a few moments for the pain to fade. In an emergency, if my kids needed me, I could not get there fast. That is not acceptable.  Who knew my secret desire was to be a superhero LOL?

          Third week: Mastering Motivation. I figured out my coach was an actual person LOL I called her out for the impersonal messages. She started doing better. I also decided to really start reading what I was reading and not just skimming. I forced myself to think about it. I told myself that so many people are doing well with app because they are trying. So, I decided to try. I looked at the calories they said I was allowed and made a meal plan.  Then I told my kids I was no longer going to cook.  I asked my daughter if she would be my diet buddy, the awesome girl that she is, said yes. My son volunteered to help as well.

          This last week was The Only 7 Habits You Need.  I am learning about the 3rd one. I also got put into a Noom support group. At first, I was "NOPE" but then I told myself to give it a shot, and guess what? I like it LOL It is nice having a support group. They helped motivate me and encouraged me to stick with my meal plan. I did not cheat all week with my kid's and my support groups help, and I got the scale to move a whole 2 lbs.  I was so happy.

          Over the weekend I did not cheat either. I was very protective of those 2 lbs. I told myself I would go easy On Sunday if I made it.  I did it!!! I felt so proud of myself when I got off work yesterday morning. I fully intended to relax and not worry about diet. Something must have changed in my system though, because I still pretty much behaved, I had a few yummy, calorie laden biscuits for dinner, but otherwise I did not go overboard. Yay me!!!

          So now we are into June and I thought I would try and blog about all of this to help keep me accountable, As I mentioned in a previous post, once I put something out there, I follow through or I am a liar. I hate liars. Perhaps others will be curious about Noom and find my little blog.

My Healthy Goals


This blog has now, once more, become my primary blog.  For past year I have been talking about my feelings and struggles on SparkPeople, but that site is closing down. Very disappointed there because I had over 100 blogs written.  Nothing special, but they were my thoughts since beginning of 2019.  I wish I could transfer them all here, but they would make no sense seeing as they went with whatever time of year was going on and the events in my life then LOL I tried going through them to see if any stood out to save and this one did, so I am transferring it here.  Back then I thought it might help if I wrote down my healthy goals. I had mine in my head, but if I wanted to truly fallow through with them, I should publish them. Then I am compelled to achieve them (at least that’s the hope). So here goes nothing LOL


1. I want to see my kids grow up, especially my daughter. I started late with her, so if I am not careful, I will miss a lot. I am terrified of that.

2. I want to live. My mom died unexpectedly in 2018. She was one of the healthiest people I know. She died while hiking. She was 2 weeks shy of her 70th birthday. I want to live longer than that. Both my parents are gone now, both died early. My grandparents lived lots longer. My grandma will celebrate her 93rd birthday next month. Her mind is swiss cheese, but her body is still kicking.

3. I want to feel attractive. I know finding love will never be in the cards for me. I have been on my own for way too long (20+years). I cannot even fathom how I would fit a relationship into my world LOL would be too inconvenient. I would however like to feel attractive to opposite sex.

4. I want to be able to move with no pain. Those first few steps when I get up hurt. I hate that. I wish I could just hop up and go, not take a few steps gingerly until I can move again.

5. Buying cute clothes might be fun. I would never go for latest fashion LOL I am too much about comfort. I would like to be able to wear summer dresses. Now I feel too big in them, like I am wearing a tent.

6. I want to feel chilly LOL with so much natural insulation, I am rarely chilled. In Florida that is a problem LOL. Work once gave us all scrub jackets for nurse's week. I never wear one because I am already too hot. The skinny nurses are always cold. I want to be one of them LOL

7. I want to be envied LOL I want other people to see me and wish they could lose weight too. Maybe envied is wrong word, I want to inspire others to lose weight. I want to be the one who loses the right way, with proper diet and exercise. I want people to look at me and want to know how I am doing it.

8. I want to feel more confident. All my life I have felt like I was found lacking because of my looks. I know now that this thinking was absurd. No person cares enough about others to pay them much mind. I am not the center of people's universes LOL you know when you are in a room and you feel like people are watching you? Yeah, they aren't unless you are the speaker, and then they just barely registering you. They have too much going on in their own worlds to pay you much attention. Too me a long time to realize that. Still, I am very shy and try to not be noticed.

9. I want to be more adventurous. I want to be able to do things. Example is lots of the rides in the parks are challenging to get into for a pooh sized person. I hate that. I want to be able to go on those rides. Once we went to a park and my daughter wanted to go on this ride. I didn't realize it had a bar to hold riders in. The bar almost did not close on me. I was feeling so ashamed and afraid that I would have to get off and ruin my daughter's fun. It clicked but it was extremely hard to get it to do that. Ruined my day. There are lots of fun things I want to be able to do, but my size stops me from being able to do so. I say it is cause of fear of heights or getting motion sickness, but it is due to size. My daughter is using my made-up excuses now to be unadventurous. I don't want that for her. I do not want her afraid to try new things. My excuses should not hinder her as well.

10. I want to go to a restaurant and not feel judged over what I eat. If I want to order dessert, I don't want in my head to be thinking that the waitress is not surprised that I ordered dessert. Or if I want a salad to not think they are laughing at me in their head, thinking it is about time I started eating salads.


OK there are ten goals for losing weight. Those were hard to come up with. Pinpointing reasons is challenging. Most of the time I just want to lose weight not thinking why I want to lose. Maybe if I start thinking of why more it will help.