Monday, August 23, 2021

Little Discouraged, but still Noom'ing Along

              Last week was not my best week.  I thought I had done everything right, but for the first time since starting Noom, I gained 2 lbs. I was so disappointed, but I have learned that this one week does not define me. I did not get depressed, I relaxed, and just told myself to try better. I also went onto my Noom app and into my group chat for support.  I got some as well.  The others also reminded me that it is a process and there will be setbacks and plateaus and to not give up. So that is what I did.  I did not comfort myself with food, I just moved on, and focused on making this week better. That is what I am doing.  I slept in a bit, woke up, already put away my laundry, put away the dishes, had my lemon water, made my coffee, and now sitting here blogging before looking at my college courses which started today. My brain needs coffee before going there LOL. It should just be simple stuff this first week. WOAH I made my coffee strong LOL

                On my Facebook feed I get BBC videos, and I discovered a brilliant new actress/show.  Miranda Hart. She is hilarious LOL I watched clips of her Miranda show at work, and yesterday I finally found the full episodes on Hulu. I am three episodes in and hooked LOL So that is what I will be distracting myself with while I get some steps in in a bit. By the end of the week I will sound so British I am sure LOL. People will hear me saying "naughty" and "such fun, such fun" I will have to check out other stuff she has done. She seems to be a very positive person on her social media platforms.  I like that.  I need to focus more on being positive.  I try, but it doesn’t always seem to come across.

                Autumn is slowly starting to appear in my home.  Yesterday I got a new deep red table cloth upon which I placed a Fall bouquet and these adorable chair covers. Two are scarecrows and two are turkeys LOL. Now I just need to find some placemats. Perhaps Staci and I will go looking for some this afternoon. I also got a bunch of Fall wax melts. The scent is farm apple and pumpkin. It combines my two favorite smells of Autumn. So now my home smells nice. It might be summer weather outside here in Florida, but inside my home it is Autumn.

                Okay time to get the school stuff done, figure out what’s for dinner tonight, and then steps while I laugh at Miranda LOL it is going to be a good day 😊

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