Monday, September 6, 2021

Noom is Such Fun

          I was doing so well blogging, but the school started LOL my mornings have been filled with Espanol lessons and foreign politics papers.  They have been taking up more of my time than I thought they would. The Spanish class has lessons due even on the weekends!!! Not used to that. Speaking of weekends, my brain is tired.  The normal charge nurse for the weekends is out sick with Covid, so my manager forced me to act as charge nurse.  For 23 years I have managed to avoid being in charge at work.  I just want to go in, do my three days of nursing, and then go home. I NEVER EVER wanted to be in a leadership role.  My plan was to screw up so badly that they never asked me again LOL yeah that did not go well.  Everything that came up I managed because to not do so would have just caused the nurses some trouble.  I did not have heart to do that. Unfortunately, I think I did the job well, so not for two weekends in a row I have been in charge with no instruction how to do it. My brain so tired LOL. I really hope the real charge nurse comes back this week.

Due to the shortage of nurses, they offered a bonus of $125/hour to come in extra.  It pained me to turn it down, but my health came first.  Three days on is tiring. If I worked a 4th, I would most definitely eat to stay awake and my whole diet and schedule would be blown.  I have gotten into a nice rhythm with my Noom program.  If I follow the lessons, watch my calories, and do the minimum 10,000 steps a day I set for myself, I lose about 2 lbs. a week.  The one time I went in just for 6 extra hours, it tired me out so much that I did not stick to my schedule, and I gained 2 lbs. That bonus money is not worth it right now. I am more concerned with my overall health, than I am with my bank account.  Noom has been talking about how losing weight can save me money.  I spend less on food, I will have less healthcare costs in the long run, and hopefully I will not have to buy any medications to manage health issues.  I really do not want any health issues.  My kids need me to stay healthy.  Noom always tells me to focus on my big picture, and my big picture is them. I want to stay alive long enough to see them grow up and have full lives. I want to be around long enough to drive them and their kids crazy LOL

                So, I did not work yesterday, I slept, then did laundry (still need to put it away), got a few groceries, and got all sorts of Halloween goodies I ordered in the mail. They were pet toys for my little fur babies LOL. All of them were a hit. It was my cheat day, so I indulged in potato salad and a burger. I wanted to have a sweet treat, but I fell asleep before I could make anything LOL.  This morning I have finished my schoolwork, had my lemon water (added a lime for fun), had my coffee, and now trying to get psyched up to go get some steps in while watching Castle.

                Before I go, I have a great quote I saved just to put into here. “When our values are at the center of our life then our to-do list no longer seems boring or difficult, it all serves a higher purpose”.  That comes from Miranda Hart (the picture at the beginning of the post are her catch phrases).  She is such fun and such a joy to watch.  I have mentioned her before. She is the British comedienne I am currently enamored of.  I make a daily to do list, usually very boring, but I am hoping to start adding my health goals to it, and steps to achieve those goals. That way my list will serve as a path to being healthier.  A list helps me focus so much. I like crossing things off it, so I do them quickly LOL. I cannot rest until everything is accomplished.  My minimum 10,000 steps is going on there as well as nightly walk. Lemon water is there as is taking my vitamins. I need to add make a healthy lunch and dinner to it, plus do some Noom logging LOL.  After all the responsible stuff is done, I am going to the movies to see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with my kids. New Marvel movie, so it should be good.

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