Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally


          Well, I have my blood pressure under control, now I am off to lower my cholesterol. I have no clue what my levels are, but if I am like the typical American, then I am sure they are high. Since I do not wish to take medicine but still wish to be healthy, I am going to try and beat it naturally. 

          According to the internet, I need to increase my daily fiber. I need at least 25gm/day. I looked up the types of food that are healthy and full of fiber, hence the pretty picture. I will be going to the store soon to get me some bananas and apples, as well as some oats, berries, olives, okra, chickpeas, and prunes LOL. It also recommends garlic, I do not think I can just eats garlic straight, so that I will try and find a supplement for. I will also add it into anything I cook that is savory. I also have lots of nuts around here, so I am going to combine them to make a healthy snack rich in fiber.

          I just want to make sure I can stay as healthy as possible. I have been doing my exercise as best as I can. Slowly I am losing weight. I dropped 10 lbs so far :) and I am trying to get more sleep. I want to be around to bother my kids for as log as possible LOL.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Taco Tuesday


          Tuesday and now I am thinking about tacos LOL guess I just figured out what's for dinner. It is a good thing my kids and I like tacos LOL. Now, I just have to go get fixins for them. 

          I saw a blog prompt asking where in the world would I love to have a picnic? I am not a big fan of picnics, too many bugs, but they can be fun. I remember going to a big church one with my uber crush and wanting to make it so special LOL and in doing so I got all the wrong food. Romantic food is in reality not very picnic friendly. The chocolate and strawberries was a disaster. Back to where in the world, that is a challenge to think about, as I have never gone anywhere. Actually, I think I would like a place I sort of am familiar with, Lake Tahoe. Up there it is gorgeous, not too hot, lots of shady areas, a lake to swim in if you like cold, and no dangerous critters lurking in the waters LOL. 

          Okay, we are going back to watching Bridgerton early LOL. I was watching last night, and my daughter came in LOL that show is definitely not appropriate for her LOL shoot it is barely appropriate for me. I had to fast forward through a bit of the racy parts LOL.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Monday Morning


          Good morning Monday :) I liked the little picture I found LOL the "stabbing people is wrong" part made me giggle. Day two of waking up and not being sick is awesome LOL feet don't hurt and I am pretty much over my cold, I had forgotten what normal felt like LOL.

          Not a lot to do today, which is my favorite type of day. I have orders for Amazon and Walmart coming today. We got a fancy, self cleaning cat litter box LOL. Cost over $300 so these cats better like it. No idea why I got it, other than my son has been asking for one forever. Now he has to come up with a better response when I tease about getting another cat. He always says I can't until I get a better litter box. Now his argument is moot LOL. I don't really want another cat, I just like messing with him. I mean, if I had a bigger place, then I would love lots of pets, but right now, 2 dogs and 3 cats is enough. 

          So, today I guess I will be somewhere between a potato and a sunflower, meaning I will be binging Bridgerton, and then outside getting groceries LOL. I need to figure out something for dinner.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day


          Happy Father's Day 2024. It is not really an important day for me though. I grew up without a father, so never really celebrated it. I think I was three or four when my parents divorced. I occasionally saw my dad, but not enough that I remember him growing up. As an adult in my 20's I had some contact with him, but we weren't close. I do regret that now. I had a chance when I had my son, because my dad loved babies, and I know he so wanted to be a grandpa, but I was still too bitter about him not being a proper dad to me, that I did not let him really see my son. By the time I grew up enough, it was too late. He had passed away. I cried when I found out he had died. I didn't think I would, but I sobbed for all that could have been. I did love him, just did not like him.

          Well that was depressing. On to better stuff. I think I am finally 90% over my cold LOL and I made it through work weekend. Now only easy peasy stuff. My daughter is currently getting dressed and then we are heading over to SeaWorld for a bit. We get passholder money, $40, so we are going to spend it before it expires today LOL. Yep, we are cutting it close. Then back home to enjoy the rainy weather and tidy up. OOOh and I get to watch latest Bridgerton episodes LOL. So exciting :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2024



          Wow, this morning's B/P reading was 114/69 pulse 71. I am shocked, but in a good way. After I got covid a couple years ago, my blood pressure was scary high, I even had to take medicine. I set out to get it down naturally because I did not like the idea of being diagnosed as having hypertension. Right now I am glad to say I have no diagnoses other than anxiety. Anyway, I have been trying hard to get and maintain a normal blood pressure. I check mine every day and it seems to be fine now, even low, according to my latest readings. Getting all this sleep from being sick might have helped a bit LOL. Aside from my stuffy nose, I am feeling much better. My foot no longer hurts me, which is an extreme blessing, and my B/P is under control.  I also am glad to say, I haven't had any sweets in quite a while LOL. Been very tempted, but I refrained. I do have some oreos stashed for a little treat. I will grab one cookie every now and then.  I even switched out my coffee creamer for sugar free.

           I cannot believe the week is already done. I do not like losing it to being sick. Not 100% better just yet, but hopefully enough that I can get through working with minimal discomfort. I need to prep me some snacks and meals to take. The one good thing about never being asked if I want to order out too is I don't order out LOL. I save that money and am stuck eating only what I bring. I just have to make sure it is relatively healthy. Okay I am off to find more cold medicine and to get my adulting done for the day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Rainy Daze?


          For as much rain as they have been predicting, I thought for sure I would have seen some by now LOL of course I have been in a cold medicine daze for past 2 days, but I still see nothing. It would be nice. I love extreme weather. I sleep to the sounds of thunderstorms.

          I woke up today, and I think I am on the mend. I cannot believe I got so sick so fast. It just hit me BAMM at work. I thought it was allergies but nope, it was a bonified cold. I am glad it is over. I am just hoping my kids stayed spared. So far so good. I still managed to mow the front yard LOL I figured I could sweat a few germs out of me, plus I wanted it down before these so called rainstorms hit. 

          I cannot believe it is already Tuesday LOL lost two days to being sick. I really don't know how people work five days a week with only two off. I could never go back to that. As usual I am going to take it easy. Not a lot of things on my to do list. Just a bit of cleaning. Here's hoping the storms will show up and keep me entertained :)

Monday, June 10, 2024

I'm in a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook

           My daughter and I like cooking together. I tend to get creative and make up recipes as I go along. A couple of years ago I got an email asking for recipes for a new Christmas cookbook. I thought how fun would it be to get one of my creations in a cookbook. So we came up with a spiced cranberry sauce recipe that I make every year and submitted it. Trying to figure out exact measurements was challenging as I usually just wing it. It got chosen and I was a published cook LOL I got a free cookbook and bragging rights LOL 

          Last year I got another email asking for Autumn recipes. Staci and I had just made these walnut cookies that were a hit at work, so we decided to figure out a recipe with measurements and submit it. We got picked again!!! Our recipe even made the feature recipes selection LOL it was funny to get the book yesterday because we had totally forgotten what we had submitted LOL. I just knew it had been a cookie LOL. So that book there has mine and my daughter's recipe in it on page 183. I put this one under her name. The cranberry sauce one has mine on it.

          I got another email requesting recipes, so I just submitted another on for my aioli chicken LOL let's see if I get picked again. That would be totally cool :)

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Weekend Wonder


         I made it through the weekend!!! Of course I kinda felt a bit of a cold coming on, so I took some Nyquil and some sudafed LOL my system doesn't know what's going on LOL. I'm starting to look like a red nosed reindeer over here. 

          My kids are currently trying to change out our lightbulbs in the hallway LOL we had to buy a ladder just to do that LOL it was too high up for our stepladder, so we had to upgrade. Oh the joys of homeownership. I wouldn't change it though :)

          We have started planning for halloween already LOL. By the time it gets to September/October all the good stuff is gone, so have to do early. I bought a really cool banner for the garage door and I am sure our giant pumpkin and skeletons will be back. We just need to figure out a theme for the season. Any ideas????

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Gala Night


          Tonight is Staci's Gala Night, so I get to doll her up again LOL well, as much as she will let me. I have learned she does not like to stand out. She is wearing her gold and purple dress again, we are getting some use out of it LOL. She also has sparkly earrings and a necklace to go with it. Oh, and gold slippers LOL. Perhaps I will redye her hair when she wakes up. 

          Ugh, my cats killed another lizard in the house. They brought it in, so it is a good thing they took care of it LOL. My perfect lil puppy notified me of the dead critter and stood guard over it until I could take care of it. I just hate disposing of the body. Is very yucky. Earlier this week a adorable person posted a picture warning us to be beware of "baby gators" at the pool LOL it was a lizard. So now all lizards are baby gators LOL.

          So far no rain yet this hurricane season, for one they said was going to be intense, it is disappointing. So hot with no afternoon cool down. With my luck it will rain all weekend, making it impossible to mow the front yard after work. I really am ready for the rains LOL I am tired of watering my plants. 

          Well off to do my responsible stuff. I have laundry, recycling, groceries, and cleaning to do before work, they is is doll up the daughter time LOL such fun :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Everybody Needs a Day off Sometimes


          Yesterday I missed blogging because I took some cold medicine LOL I lost a whole day. No idea how drugies do it. How do they function??? I am told I had conversations with my kids that I do not even remember LOL.

          So, since I really do not have anything I NEED to do, I am taking the day off, just in case my system is trying to get sick. Sometimes you just need a break. I have all my responsible stuff done, so it is a good day to do nothing.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

I Did It!!!


          I am tired, but feel accomplished :) I made it through my work weekend, three in a row, and I can still walk!!! I was even able to mow my backyard this morning, so now I feel all good about myself LOL Looks so much better back there. Grass was so long in some areas that it stalled my mower LOL. Took awhile to get it looking decent again, but I made it and now I get to relax. My son bought him and my daughter sandwiches for dinner, so I am off the hook for cooking, no brain power needed from me. Which is good, because nothing up there is working LOL