Monday, June 24, 2024

Quiz Queen


          I love alliteration LOL I am not really a quiz queen, I just took one quiz, but quiz queen sounded more fun LOL. I like taking quizzes, but often it seems like they all go wonky halfway through so I never get results. Today I made it all the way through one designed to tell me if I am an old soul or a new one. Apparently I am an old soul :) I was not surprised to find that out. I do tend to like things of the past. I have taken every history course I can find. It is interesting to see where things came from. Word meanings, sayings, traditions, recipes, clothing, so many things to research.

           It is kind of funny to think that a few generations from now, my descendants (if I ever get grandkids) will be talking about how great grandma was an actual nurse during the Covid pandemic of 2020 LOL. All the funny masks she had to wear, how everything was closed, and how the world changed. Oh and the toilet paper LOL. we have yet to figure out why toilet paper was hoarded, but I still have a supply in the garage LOL.  

          Well, I finished up Ghost Whisperer, so now I need to find something else to watch. I like episodes so I can zone out and get some steps in while watching. I also have a sprouted avocado seed that I need to plant. Hopefully it will continue to grow, just have to find a place for it. With all of the rain, the backyard grass is looking so green. That makes me happy. Now it just needs to dry a bit so I can mow it LOL. With daily rains that is challenging. My big secret is LOL I like mowing. It is a great workout and afterwards I feel so accomplished, but don't tell my kids. They let me be extra lazy after it is done LOL. They even bring me drinks :)

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