Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day


          Happy Father's Day 2024. It is not really an important day for me though. I grew up without a father, so never really celebrated it. I think I was three or four when my parents divorced. I occasionally saw my dad, but not enough that I remember him growing up. As an adult in my 20's I had some contact with him, but we weren't close. I do regret that now. I had a chance when I had my son, because my dad loved babies, and I know he so wanted to be a grandpa, but I was still too bitter about him not being a proper dad to me, that I did not let him really see my son. By the time I grew up enough, it was too late. He had passed away. I cried when I found out he had died. I didn't think I would, but I sobbed for all that could have been. I did love him, just did not like him.

          Well that was depressing. On to better stuff. I think I am finally 90% over my cold LOL and I made it through work weekend. Now only easy peasy stuff. My daughter is currently getting dressed and then we are heading over to SeaWorld for a bit. We get passholder money, $40, so we are going to spend it before it expires today LOL. Yep, we are cutting it close. Then back home to enjoy the rainy weather and tidy up. OOOh and I get to watch latest Bridgerton episodes LOL. So exciting :)

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