Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Happy Leon Day


          I had no idea that Leon Day was an actual thing LOL Leon is Noel spelled backwards, and today is June 25th, six months to Christmas LOL. How fun. So I am going to attempt to celebrate it LOL not sure how though. It is so hot here in Florida that it does NOT feel Chrismasy.

          Well I did it LOL I mowed my front and back yards yesterday. It sucked and I was exhausted afterward, but I felt very accomplished. My grass looks so much better now. Today I need to buy a new hose, since I can't get my current one to detach from my sprinkler LOL and I am hoping to plant my avocado. Lee is off today, so he can help me. I have a new drill bit for the ground to entice him LOL.

          I wish I had some fun Christmas memories to share, but unfortunately I don't. We celebrated, but in a simple way. My mom would try to make everything perfect, but that often backfired because she was so caught up in things being just right, that it became not fun and way too stressful. I love trying to go all out for holiday, but I learned from her, to not let it ruin the day if it does not go according to plan. It is more about just being together and having a nice day. I miss her though. She was my best friend.

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