Wednesday, July 17, 2024

I Love Free!!!


          I love getting free stuff!!! This Vine program so far is awesome.I get to pick three things every day!!! There are thousands to chose from LOL it is hard to decide what to pick. So my new morning routine is sip my coffee while I peruse items, and then write reviews for the ones I have received. It is easy peasy LOL. 

           Weird dream last night. I dreamt my brother was moving to Montana??? and my mom (who is deceased) wanted me to but his house. Ummm he doesn't even own the house LOL it is a rental, and no way in the world would my brother move to somewhere even colder than where he lives now LOL he hates the cold. I finally have gotten him slightly considering moving to Florida LOL. Is doubtful that happens. Where I move frequently, he has stayed in the same area in Reno since we moved there in the 80's. For the last 40 years, all his apartments/houses have been within a mile of each other LOL. Best I can say is all mine are within the southern part of the United States LOL.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Multitasking Mayhem


          I am very much a fan of multitasking. It saves me so much time. I do it with most everything. Especially at work. If I am calling a doctor, I will be charting at the same time. If I have to walk down the hall, I will make sure I grab everything the patient could possibly want before going. At home, if I am in kitchen, I am often doing the dishes at the same time as I cook. Getting my steps in is also a big time for me to do everything LOL it is when I see stuff that needs to be done so I do it really quick. People think I have so much free time on my hands, but it is because I stay organized and multitask. Of course occasionally I get sidetracked by another task and I DO FORGET what I originally was doing LOL.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Amazon Vine


          Okay, I got an invite today from Amazon to join their Vine reviews program!!! I am so excited!!! I get to pick three items a day, that they send me for free, to review :) woohoo LOL today I picked a rug for my daughter's room, a snackle box for me to take to work LOL, and a couch pet protector cover. I am shocked. I looked in my orders section and it says they are arriving tomorrow and the cost was zero dollars!!! All I have to do is leave a review on them. I cannot believe this :) I am so going to enjoy this. There are so many items to choose from LOL I spent over an hour just looking through selections.

            Beyond that, I do not have much adulting to do today LOL I already did it before bed at 2am. I slept hard too LOL woke up to sound of garbage truck and had no idea what day it was LOL. Took me a few to realize it was Monday and that was the truck picking up our garbage LOL. So, just fun stuff today. Staci wants some craft supplies for bracelet making and I want to go see if our local HomeGoods store has any of the Halloween stuff that I have been seeing all over my FaceBook LOL. Oh and grocery shopping LOL. All before it starts raining. OOOH my backyard was so gorgeous last night with the solar flowers!!!  

Sunday, July 14, 2024

So Much Sadness Over Weekend


          This weekend was an awful one for the world. So much sadness and shock, mixed with disbelief. Death always seems to come in threes, just ask any nurse. This weekend we lost Dr. Ruth, Richard Simmons, and Shannen Doherty. We also had our first attempted presidential assassination attempt in over 40 years.  Former President Trump was at one of his election rallies when shots were fired. His head got grazed, one spectator killed, gunman killed, and others injured. The shooting is a bit sketchy in my opinion, how did the secret service leave a rooftop so unprotected??? Plus, Trump's injury was so slight. How the shooter missed so badly is a question we will never get answered since he was killed. I am not one for conspiracies, but this one is itching my brain. I really wouldn't put it past Trump to orchestrate it for votes.

          Okay enough of that. Work was the usual, though I pissed off my charge nurse and others at hospital. The boss pushed me back until 10pm, usually it is 11pm, but who am I to question. So 10pm comes around, they don't need me, so I am free, no work. By 10:30pm they are saying I need to come in. Nope, boss said 10pm, so at 10pm I was freed. If they had needed me at 10, then I was dressed and ready to go, but since they did not, I showered and got ready for bed. I had to tell myself that it was not my fault and any of them would have done the same thing. Work is not my life, it is just how I pay the bills at this point. I'm too old to give any more.

          This morning I managed to finally mow my backyard LOL it was a mess. Once it was tidied up I got to "plant" my solar flowers LOL. They look so pretty in the daylight, just pops of color everywhere. Tonight, when the sun goes down, they will light up and make everything magical back there. I cannot wait to see it.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Medications and Blood Pressure


          I did not realize how much any medication will affect blood pressure. I have been doing so well with getting my B/P under control, I was consistently staying in the one teens over 60s-70's, but then I got sick. I had to start antibiotics and steroids. Now my blood pressure is back up. It is in the elevated to stage 1 phase :( this does not make me happy. I finish up the steroids tomorrow and the antibiotic next week, so hopefully it will go back down.

          Back to work this weekend. I am hoping it goes smoothly and quickly. I need to figure out meals for it. I have my bananas already LOL got some olives too. Always tough to figure out dinners. I get tired and end up ordering GrubHub which is expensive. I am trying to think of some sort of casserole I can make that will last a couple of days LOL Staci is getting less picky with eating and now seems to like my cooking LOL.

          Also waiting on an order from Temu with all my new solar flowers for the backyard. I figure when they arrive I will mow LOL. That way I can "plant" them when lawn all fresh and pretty. Challenge is also to find a time when it is not so waterlogged in back. Hurricane season is a challenge in so many ways LOL. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Such Good Intentions


          In the Spring I have such good intentions for doing things in the Summer. I make a list of all the activies I want to do and all the places I want to go, then reality smacks me in the face. Florida heat is ridiculous. I wake up and it is already 80 degrees and humid. It is no fun going outside at all. I really wanted to take the kids and go up to Saint Augustine, but by the time they wake up, it will be pushing 90+ degrees with thunderstorms. Cannot do much in that. In the evening, it cools down a bit, but only because it is pouring rain LOL. Rain I love watching, but not being out in. So inside we stay. We love our A/C.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Bananas About Bananas


           I have discovered that bananas are pretty much a super fruit, so I am trying to have at least one a day. They have a lot of B6, fiber, potassium, they give you energy, and can help lower cholesterol. Plus they taste great by themselves or in smoothies, banana bread, or in any recipe where you just want a kick of health. If you don't believe me, just ask the Minions LOL