Monday, April 15, 2024

A Nurse Nightmare


          I am about done with my staycation and I guess my subconscious is worried. I just woke up from horrible nightmare that still has me stressed. I dreamed I was back to work after being off and everything was changed. The report sheets were a disaster, preprinted little strips that were copied askew, and completely different from what I am used to. There was no charge nurse so I couldn't get my assignment, people kept asking me questions, there were no nurses I recognized, and then the boss showed up to find me looking like a fool and getting nothing done. I woke up with such a headache. That goes into the ones were you realize at the end of your shift that you have a whole bunch of patients you never ever saw or medicated, and it is time for report. 

          So, I guess I need some serious relaxing today to offset the nightmare. Too bad I won't get any LOL I have school to do. I think finals are next week. I also need to find another show to binge watch. Very disappointed in one I was watching. The series ended on a major cliffhanger that will never get resolved. It sucks when that happens. Dang my head hurts, so I am off to figure out how to get my stress level down from nightmare. It really upset me :(

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Such Pretty Flowers


          Generic blog day LOL I woke up, it is great weather, so forcing myself to take my kids to Aquatica LOL been meaning to do it, but something so far has always interfered. Today I am giving us no excuses. I am going to get so burnt.

          Yesterday, despite my intentions, I still got steps in. Staci and I ended up going to Disney Springs. She found a light jacket she just had to have LOL. She does not often ask for things, but she wanted this jacket. That is the joy I pretending I am broke, so that when I need money for something, I have it. I am not rich by any means, but I can give my kids treats now and then.

           Going along with the blog post, I am trying to grow some flowers on my front porch. They have sprouted at least. Now hopefully they will get some blooms. I gave up in backyard LOL I kept getting pretty flowers but they all died, so now I have artificial ones back there LOL okay I take that back a bit. I have two flower bushes that are still alive, a hibiscus still hanging in there, and my jasmine is very much a vine. At least they are alive.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

SeaWorld Sore


          See that map <--- well I walked all of it yesterday, and oh do my feet feel it now. It was too cold for Aquatica, but just right for SeaWorld. I think we spent about 3 hours there. Ended up with over 12,000 steps taken. Last night I was just hobbling. Today I am staying off my feet as much as I can.

          SeaWorld was fun though. We got lots of freebies for passholders. We got the last two keychains first. Then made our way over to feed the sea lions for free. One, called Decca, yelled at me for not giving her a fish LOL. After that we went over to the food festival area and tried the baklava. It was way too sweet!!! We also got cannoli which was really good. We had four free samples to try. By the time we ate those two our taste buds were in protest. Too much sugar. So we got jerk chicken sliders as our last two and took them home. SeaWorld had also given us each $10 to use to Staci ended up with two necklaces and a chapstick for free LOL. I love getting free stuff and SeaWorld definitely delivers on freebies.

          We got home, showered, laughed at my sunburn, and then I collapsed and slept LOL. When I woke up my right foot was in agony from plantar fasciitis. I was barely able to hobble. As much as I wanted to go do something today, I do not think my foot can handle it. So it is relaxing in recliner day for me LOL. Of course that means I will sleep the day away LOL the recliner is a soul sucker. I sit there and I am out within 10 minutes.

Friday, April 12, 2024

I'm Not A Vampire :(


          I finished up my week of The Absorption Company drink supplements and I did not turn into a vampire LOL.  I joke about that because the two main people who started the company are both famous for being vampires LOL Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries (that's him in gray shirt) and his wife Nicki Reed who was in the Twilight movies. I just binged watched The Vampire Diaries for the second time so I was trying the drinks as a splurge and for fun. Would have been cool to get some of the vampire powers LOL the ability to compel anybody I wanted would have been awesome.

          Today, since no rain or tornado watches, kids and I are going to Aquatica. Not really looking forward to it because I have to wear swimsuit and I am definitely getting sunburned LOL no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I will burn. Kids are excited to go, so I will suffer. I am looking forward to floating in lazy river though. Afterwards will come home, shower, hydrate, and then figure out what else to do for fun :)

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Happy Rainy Day


         It is supposed to be a rainy day here, so of course the weather feels wonderful. It is windy and overcast. If I had to go to work I would be bummed because I love rainy weather. It is perfect for just getting cozy inside. My daughter is a bit upset though, she wanted to go to Aquatica today. We still might if we get my Amazon delivery soon (I ordered swim shoes for son) and it is not thundering and lightning. Both I think will close down the park. If we end up staying home then we can play in backyard or sit on porch and enjoy the rain. I have nothing pressing to do other than laundry LOL.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

A Little Bit of History


          So, I am taking this Civil War history class and one of the assignments was to write a letter to a pretend soldier in the Civil War. I did not have to pretend LOL this is a picture of my great-great grandfather, Hoy Jackson MaHaffey, taken before he fought as a confederate soldier. He fought and survived some famous battles under an infamous general. Anyway, my professor was impressed with my family history, and the documents that I had, so much that he asked if he could use them in future classes. I thought that was pretty cool.

          Before anyone reading this judges me as coming from a Confederate family, back then fighting in the war was not always about beliefs, but the fact of you had no choice. Either enlist or be branded a coward. I know we were not rich, and my family did not own slaves, so I choose to believe he had no choice. My professor pointed out, looking through the records I submitted, that originally he enlisted for three years, but then it was changed to just war. By that time he had no choice but to stay in service until the war was over. In this picture he looks so young and innocent. I wonder what he looked like when it was all over...

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Minions Are Cool


          I wish I had these little guys to do what I wanted LOL though they would screw things up and get me into trouble. They are just so cute, so might be worth it. I would have them help me clean my house and work on my yard LOL.

          I am currently procrastinating LOL something I never do, but I am tired. I have lots of school work that needs to be done, yet no desire to start it. I put it on to do list so I have to at least make some attempt.

          The eclipse yesterday was cool. Staci got some really nice shots with her phone. She took one pair of the solar glasses and covered her lenses so the sun would be more than just a bright spot. I am glad I managed to get her some eclipse glasses. She would have been so disappointed if she missed it.

          I have no plans for today. We were going to Aquatica but Lee has something planned right smack in the middle of the afternoon, so that is out. I am in a lazy mood right now LOL. Perhaps I will come up with something later. Shoot I will be happy coming up with another show to binge watch. I am at a loss for what to watch next LOL. Staci and Lee have been watching the Godzilla movies LOL. Not my cup of tea. He wants to take her to see the latest one, but she needs to have understanding of monster first according to him. I think it is Kong vs Godzilla. I am confused on who I am supposed to root for LOL.