Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Wednesday Willpower


           Just a quick update for me so far. I have been doing good since the first LOL All three days I have stayed under calorie count and hit my step goals. It feels great being able to do that. Now I have to just keep it up.  I did get rid of the Fooducate app. It was not giving me what I wanted. On the flip side I went premium with My Fitness Pal. I found out with premium it would track my calories AND keep track of my steps and adjust my calorie need. So it gives me extra calories based on how active I am. I like that. I am hoping that I will show a loss for this week. I am not one to get on scale every day, that is too stressful LOL I shoot for once a week. 
              So, to try and not make this all about weight loss, I also have been having fun with my kids, both of them. For Christmas I got my son an annual pass to Disney, so he has been going to the parks with my daughter and I. Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom and had a lot of fun. The best part we saw was the bird show LOL it was so funny. One of the birds stole the guys microphone. Not sure if scripted, they acted like it wasn't, but so funny. Both kids were cracking up. We got to go on a few rides like Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, and N'avi Boat Ride. It was very busy, but not too hot. Tomorrow we are going to Epcot. That is my favorite park. 

         Today my responsible goal is to start trimming my Crepe Myrtle trees in the back yard. I found out last year if I trim them back big time, they will grow more full. So if weather cooperates, then that is the plan. It is on my to do list.  I have discovered that if I make an actual To Do List, then I get more done. I like scratching things off the list. I got me two fun 365 day desk calendars that I use the backs of for my lists, and one big spiral planner that I have been adding my B/P in daily as well as steps and calories, plus whatever else I am doing for the day. I also have a 4th smaller spiral Gooseberry Patch planner to write in. All of them keep me organized LOL 

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year 2023

     I cannot believe it is another new year. So much went wonky last year health wise. Nothing drastic, just nothing positive.  I got Covid unfortunately. It was a mild case, but enough to mess up my blood pressure. It took me almost 7 months to get it back under control. I had allergies so bad in the Spring that my hearing was affected until I finally got it cleared up after 2 months. Then I had two teeth break so I needed emergency dental surgery and ended up with two crowns. This was all before June LOL needless to say I regained all the weight I had lost. Very depressing. 

     I also turned 54 years old in December. This year I turn 55 years old and officially become a senior citizen LOL bring on the discounts. I have decided I want to lose 55 lbs by 55 years. So this year I am going to try and focus on getting myself as healthy as I can possibly be for an old lady LOL up first is diet. During November and December I really tried to cut back on sweets. That was hard since it was the Holidays LOL but I tried. I took most of the sweets I had accumulated and sent them to work. Staci and I made nothing to keep at home. Thankfully I did not gain anything over holidays, which is a success. I also started taking one of my dogs out for walks in the morning. I did not do it consistently, but I still went a few times.


Now that the new year is here, it is a great time for a fresh start psychologically. I have to work tonight, but I still am starting. I had two slices of dry toast topped with avocado and egg for breakfast. I generously seasoned it with Everything seasoning LOL it is really quite good. I also cannot give up my coffee, so I had a big cup with creamer. I will take me a basic salad tonight with a tuna pouch for dinner. I have my Mio water to keep me hydrated. Oh I think I also have some jello and applesauce I can take to help hunger cravings. I signed up for a new app to help me track calories in and out called Fooducate as well as My Fitness Pal


So that is my plan for day 1 of the new year. Work and not eat too many calories. Just have to get through this day by day :)