Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year 2023

     I cannot believe it is another new year. So much went wonky last year health wise. Nothing drastic, just nothing positive.  I got Covid unfortunately. It was a mild case, but enough to mess up my blood pressure. It took me almost 7 months to get it back under control. I had allergies so bad in the Spring that my hearing was affected until I finally got it cleared up after 2 months. Then I had two teeth break so I needed emergency dental surgery and ended up with two crowns. This was all before June LOL needless to say I regained all the weight I had lost. Very depressing. 

     I also turned 54 years old in December. This year I turn 55 years old and officially become a senior citizen LOL bring on the discounts. I have decided I want to lose 55 lbs by 55 years. So this year I am going to try and focus on getting myself as healthy as I can possibly be for an old lady LOL up first is diet. During November and December I really tried to cut back on sweets. That was hard since it was the Holidays LOL but I tried. I took most of the sweets I had accumulated and sent them to work. Staci and I made nothing to keep at home. Thankfully I did not gain anything over holidays, which is a success. I also started taking one of my dogs out for walks in the morning. I did not do it consistently, but I still went a few times.


Now that the new year is here, it is a great time for a fresh start psychologically. I have to work tonight, but I still am starting. I had two slices of dry toast topped with avocado and egg for breakfast. I generously seasoned it with Everything seasoning LOL it is really quite good. I also cannot give up my coffee, so I had a big cup with creamer. I will take me a basic salad tonight with a tuna pouch for dinner. I have my Mio water to keep me hydrated. Oh I think I also have some jello and applesauce I can take to help hunger cravings. I signed up for a new app to help me track calories in and out called Fooducate as well as My Fitness Pal


So that is my plan for day 1 of the new year. Work and not eat too many calories. Just have to get through this day by day :)

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