Wednesday, June 12, 2024



          Wow, this morning's B/P reading was 114/69 pulse 71. I am shocked, but in a good way. After I got covid a couple years ago, my blood pressure was scary high, I even had to take medicine. I set out to get it down naturally because I did not like the idea of being diagnosed as having hypertension. Right now I am glad to say I have no diagnoses other than anxiety. Anyway, I have been trying hard to get and maintain a normal blood pressure. I check mine every day and it seems to be fine now, even low, according to my latest readings. Getting all this sleep from being sick might have helped a bit LOL. Aside from my stuffy nose, I am feeling much better. My foot no longer hurts me, which is an extreme blessing, and my B/P is under control.  I also am glad to say, I haven't had any sweets in quite a while LOL. Been very tempted, but I refrained. I do have some oreos stashed for a little treat. I will grab one cookie every now and then.  I even switched out my coffee creamer for sugar free.

           I cannot believe the week is already done. I do not like losing it to being sick. Not 100% better just yet, but hopefully enough that I can get through working with minimal discomfort. I need to prep me some snacks and meals to take. The one good thing about never being asked if I want to order out too is I don't order out LOL. I save that money and am stuck eating only what I bring. I just have to make sure it is relatively healthy. Okay I am off to find more cold medicine and to get my adulting done for the day.

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