Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Rainy Daze?


          For as much rain as they have been predicting, I thought for sure I would have seen some by now LOL of course I have been in a cold medicine daze for past 2 days, but I still see nothing. It would be nice. I love extreme weather. I sleep to the sounds of thunderstorms.

          I woke up today, and I think I am on the mend. I cannot believe I got so sick so fast. It just hit me BAMM at work. I thought it was allergies but nope, it was a bonified cold. I am glad it is over. I am just hoping my kids stayed spared. So far so good. I still managed to mow the front yard LOL I figured I could sweat a few germs out of me, plus I wanted it down before these so called rainstorms hit. 

          I cannot believe it is already Tuesday LOL lost two days to being sick. I really don't know how people work five days a week with only two off. I could never go back to that. As usual I am going to take it easy. Not a lot of things on my to do list. Just a bit of cleaning. Here's hoping the storms will show up and keep me entertained :)

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