Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Taco Tuesday


          Tuesday and now I am thinking about tacos LOL guess I just figured out what's for dinner. It is a good thing my kids and I like tacos LOL. Now, I just have to go get fixins for them. 

          I saw a blog prompt asking where in the world would I love to have a picnic? I am not a big fan of picnics, too many bugs, but they can be fun. I remember going to a big church one with my uber crush and wanting to make it so special LOL and in doing so I got all the wrong food. Romantic food is in reality not very picnic friendly. The chocolate and strawberries was a disaster. Back to where in the world, that is a challenge to think about, as I have never gone anywhere. Actually, I think I would like a place I sort of am familiar with, Lake Tahoe. Up there it is gorgeous, not too hot, lots of shady areas, a lake to swim in if you like cold, and no dangerous critters lurking in the waters LOL. 

          Okay, we are going back to watching Bridgerton early LOL. I was watching last night, and my daughter came in LOL that show is definitely not appropriate for her LOL shoot it is barely appropriate for me. I had to fast forward through a bit of the racy parts LOL.

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