Monday, June 10, 2024

I'm in a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook

           My daughter and I like cooking together. I tend to get creative and make up recipes as I go along. A couple of years ago I got an email asking for recipes for a new Christmas cookbook. I thought how fun would it be to get one of my creations in a cookbook. So we came up with a spiced cranberry sauce recipe that I make every year and submitted it. Trying to figure out exact measurements was challenging as I usually just wing it. It got chosen and I was a published cook LOL I got a free cookbook and bragging rights LOL 

          Last year I got another email asking for Autumn recipes. Staci and I had just made these walnut cookies that were a hit at work, so we decided to figure out a recipe with measurements and submit it. We got picked again!!! Our recipe even made the feature recipes selection LOL it was funny to get the book yesterday because we had totally forgotten what we had submitted LOL. I just knew it had been a cookie LOL. So that book there has mine and my daughter's recipe in it on page 183. I put this one under her name. The cranberry sauce one has mine on it.

          I got another email requesting recipes, so I just submitted another on for my aioli chicken LOL let's see if I get picked again. That would be totally cool :)

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