Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday no Sunshine


         Woke up today to the sounds of thunder booming :) loved it. The rain was awesome, everything is soaked LOL no mowing for me it seems. My dogs did not like the rain or thunder though, they were hiding under me the whole time.

          Work was a challenge, had one patient that would not stop yelling no matter how many sedatives I gave them. All of the other patients were complaining about them. I was somehow expected to fix this LOL. As if I wanted the yelling to continue. Oh I am so glad it is over for me now.

           So now I get to relax and enjoy my days off. No particular plans yet, just general stuff. I did good so far watching what I eat, trying to get my cholesterol down. Also still behaving on not eating sweets every day LOL. Feet finally do not hurt and I am not sick LOL feeling more like myself.

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