Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Gala Night


          Tonight is Staci's Gala Night, so I get to doll her up again LOL well, as much as she will let me. I have learned she does not like to stand out. She is wearing her gold and purple dress again, we are getting some use out of it LOL. She also has sparkly earrings and a necklace to go with it. Oh, and gold slippers LOL. Perhaps I will redye her hair when she wakes up. 

          Ugh, my cats killed another lizard in the house. They brought it in, so it is a good thing they took care of it LOL. My perfect lil puppy notified me of the dead critter and stood guard over it until I could take care of it. I just hate disposing of the body. Is very yucky. Earlier this week a adorable person posted a picture warning us to be beware of "baby gators" at the pool LOL it was a lizard. So now all lizards are baby gators LOL.

          So far no rain yet this hurricane season, for one they said was going to be intense, it is disappointing. So hot with no afternoon cool down. With my luck it will rain all weekend, making it impossible to mow the front yard after work. I really am ready for the rains LOL I am tired of watering my plants. 

          Well off to do my responsible stuff. I have laundry, recycling, groceries, and cleaning to do before work, they is is doll up the daughter time LOL such fun :)

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