Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally


          Well, I have my blood pressure under control, now I am off to lower my cholesterol. I have no clue what my levels are, but if I am like the typical American, then I am sure they are high. Since I do not wish to take medicine but still wish to be healthy, I am going to try and beat it naturally. 

          According to the internet, I need to increase my daily fiber. I need at least 25gm/day. I looked up the types of food that are healthy and full of fiber, hence the pretty picture. I will be going to the store soon to get me some bananas and apples, as well as some oats, berries, olives, okra, chickpeas, and prunes LOL. It also recommends garlic, I do not think I can just eats garlic straight, so that I will try and find a supplement for. I will also add it into anything I cook that is savory. I also have lots of nuts around here, so I am going to combine them to make a healthy snack rich in fiber.

          I just want to make sure I can stay as healthy as possible. I have been doing my exercise as best as I can. Slowly I am losing weight. I dropped 10 lbs so far :) and I am trying to get more sleep. I want to be around to bother my kids for as log as possible LOL.

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