Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Back to School with Noom

              I cannot believe it is the last day of summer vacation.  Summer just flew by.  I work next few days so no fun, and then Monday comes and it is back to school for my daughter.  We are starting 7th grade this year. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How is my baby in seventh grade??? Back in my day that was called junior high LOL She is too young for this. I am so not ready for this.  I say we because I homeschool her. It works out so much better for us.  She can sleep in, do her lessons when she wants to, and if we feel like taking a day off, we just do LOL.  As long as lessons get done, then who cares LOL. 

                This school year P.E. will be a huge focus for us personally.  I plan on adding everything I am learning with Noom to her lessons LOL well kid version at least.  She is required to spend 150 minutes every week doing some sort of exercise.  Thirty-minute walks five times a week covers that.  Healthy nutritious lunches will have to be made, maybe I can even pack lunches LOL that way we know exactly what we are eating during the day and how many calories are being consumed. I carry a lunch bag to work, and it makes meals a bit more fun pulling out my treats. I should get her a lunch bag.

Today’s Noom lesson was about my two brains LOL old brain and new brain.  Old brain keeps you moving, breathing, eating, sleeping, it controls basic functions. New brain is language, attention, memory, decision making, all the sophisticated stuff. Both brains are needed to keep a person healthy. The old supports the new, so that the new can make better choices during the day, like saying no to chocolate and yes to walking a few more steps. I need to make good choices today so that I will not be disappointed tomorrow on the scale. I just need to lose that one pound this week to officially be at twenty pounds lost mark. Two pounds would be amazing LOL. Today I will make sure I get my steps in and watch my calories.  I am still working on my water intake.  I posted in my support group for help with that. The responses are just starting to come in. It is nice having a place to ask questions.

            So, since this is the last day of summer vacation for us, I should do something fun LOL no clue what.  It is too hot outside LOL that is drawback of living in Florida, the heat and humidity during the summer.  Bring on Autumn, I am ready for the weather to cool off. Okay it is Florida, so it won’t cool off for another couple months LOL at least let us get down to the 80’s for highs.  I have to pretend we have seasons here LOL I have been prepping for Fall for past couple of weeks. My son said he is okay with me decorating now if I want LOL so perhaps daughter and I will get out autumn décor and start on the inside. Too soon for the outside.  Yesterday we got a bunch of pumpkin spice everything at Target LOL

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