Monday, August 16, 2021

Happy Fall Y'all


              I have decided it is Fall LOL it is hot here in Florida, it seems like summer is never going to end.  I cannot wait anymore, so I am just going to pretend it is Autumn.  This morning I broke out my farm apple and pumpkin wax melts and my Welcome Fall essential oils for my diffuser LOL it smells like Fall in my home now LOL I LOVE IT!!!  This week I will start to pull out some Autumn decorations to really get the season going. It will be easier now that we organized the garage.

                Today is a bit different. I am doing something I never do LOL working an extra shift at work, well half of a shift.  The bonus pay is too much to not take advantage of.  Last week my washer broke, instead of throwing good money after old, I am upgrading my washer dryer set today and using the bonus money to pay for it. I have a new set arriving this afternoon.  I am so excited LOL good grief I am getting good at this homeowner adulting stuff LOL even my kids are getting into it.  While at Lowe’s yesterday they had a blast looking at refrigerators. The barbeque grills really did them in LOL they now want a pellet grill and smoker. So that is on the lists of new projects for the Fall.

                Last week was an awesome weight loss week, I somehow managed to drop into the 25 lbs. lost WOOOHOOO!!! That 30 is looking over the horizon LOL I am definitely starting to feel healthier and lighter.  I even had another nurse notice I was losing weight. She says she wishes now that she had joined with me back then LOL. Noom this week is giving me lessons on meditation and mindfulness. The mindfulness I can handle, but the meditation probably not. If I close my eyes, I will fall asleep LOL. I am hoping though that my support group will be more interested in Fall activities and ways to manage the holidays.

                School started for my daughter, one week down. Already the subjects this year are challenging. Seventh grade is serious stuff LOL it is taking all my son’s and my smarts to help her through lessons. Dividing decimals is not something my brain remembered LOL I just use a calculator like normal people. The online lessons aren’t as cute as they were in elementary school. Now it is all boring and grown up. I am going to miss the little cartoons that would illustrate lessons. New week college courses start for my son and me. I am hoping I can manage the college level Spanish lessons. I really would like to learn the language because patients at work hardly even speak English now.

                Okay need to keep this short since I have lots to do today in addition to working a partial shift. I am off to get some steps in then breakfast, get path to laundry room cleared for delivery drivers, and then a short nap LOL I’ve been up since 5am and since will be up until 1am at work, I will need time for a nap LOL.

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