Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Never Say Diet


              The picture just makes me laugh, mostly because so much of it is truth.  There are days where I am just stunned at the behavior of people LOL so that takes care of 1,2,3,4, and 8 LOL.  I know better than to not write something down, I can hide Easter eggs from myself LOL an ant has a better memory than I do. So many times, I have walked into a room and just forgotten completely why I went in there, so that is 5 and 10. Number 6 is my favorite LOL I love naps, I take multiple everyday LOL some when I do not even want to. I often wonder if I have narcolepsy. Number 7 does not really apply to me, I do not drink, not because I think it is bad, I just have ZERO tolerance for any amount of alcohol. Number 9 is what I am all about these days LOL I want to be wrinkle free and well LOL more than three sizes smaller. I am working on that.

                Each day for the past two months I have woken up, drank my lemon water, had my coffee, and planned out how I would be healthier that day.  I am feeling lots better about myself.  I keep a log of how many steps I take daily, and yesterday I got over 16,000 in LOL so much for my cheat day. I had all sorts of intentions to just relax and take it easy since we were going out to a special restaurant but being healthy has become second nature now. That is a great thing.  I am more conscious and caring of what I put in my body.  If has even rubbed off on my daughter. She will now choose the healthier options. I am trying hard to never use the word “diet” instead we just say healthier.

 I do not ever want her to think of herself as overweight and in need of dieting. Looking back at the rare pictures of me when I was younger, I thought I was fat, but in reality, I was nowhere need fat. I looked normal and healthy.  I was not super skinny, but I also was not fat. People made me think I was though, and it killed my self-esteem.  I was her age when I developed my womanly figure, so the girls that had not gotten curves yet made me feel as if I was huge. My daughter is developing curves like I did. I do not want her thinking that is a bad thing. She will never be model slim, but she is proportioned correctly. She is my little amazon. She will be a stunning woman if she has confidence in herself.

 Oh, I mentioned the special restaurant, it was a robot restaurant LOL it had a little robot named Peanut that took us to our table, and a kitty cat robot that brought us menus and sang Happy Birthday to my daughter. The restaurant is called U&Me Hot Pot. My daughter, son, and I loved it. It is now my son’s favorite place LOL.  We sat at this table that had burners on it. We ordered a hot pot of broth that heated right in front of us. Along the sides of the tables was a conveyor belt that brought around all sorts of noodles, veggies, and dumplings that you could grab to add into your broth. There was a huge bar of meats and spices that you could select from as well. 

              We each got to customize our own hot pot. I discovered I like watercress in my broth. My son liked these beef meatballs that looked like marshmallows, and my daughter loved the boba tea and robots. Her face was enchanted while she listened to the kitty cat robot sing to her LOL Peanut was hilarious. If a person got in its way it would say “move out of my way or I will get angry” or “move, I have to work or I will get fired” LOL it was very entertaining.   

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