Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Adulting is Hard, but I lost 20 lbs.


          Well, that was fun LOL I just got to delete 216 files off my computer.  I sent copies to my email for safekeeping in case I need them, but for most part they were school assignments from the paralegal program I just completed. Makes my files a bit less cluttered.  Last night I decluttered my garage LOL I have reached a whole new level of adulting, I got excited about shelves for my garage to store all my bins LOL my garage looks a lot better. I have been doing some serious adulting lately LOL I even bought a safe for all my important papers. Now I just need find them all from their current positions of being scattered all over my home. Being an adult is not nearly as fun as I thought as a kid.  Kids think we have freedom to do whatever we want. That is not true. We have more rules and constraints to deal with. Jobs, bills, taxes, and keeping small humans and pets alive. Part of me at times wishes I could go back in time and change stuff, but then I would lose out on what I have now.  If you think about it, even the smallest change could have huge repercussions. Time travel movies drive me bonkers because they do not make sense if think about it LOL

                I should have been typing in all caps at the beginning of this blog LOL I DID IT!!! I MANAGED TO LOSE 20 LBS!!!! It is an amazing feeling. I still do not see it though.  The only sign I see is my skin feels looser LOL which is not a good thing for a 50+ year old woman LOL I have been putting on lots of moisturizer to try and avoid wrinkles. Found some awesome stuff on Amazon that seems to help a lot. I told myself that I would start wearing smaller scrubs when I lost 20 lbs., but I still am not ready.  I am wanting it to be a dramatic change when I switch. Maybe another 10 lbs. LOL it is amazing to say that like it is no big deal. Losing 1-2 lbs. a week has become my new normal. By the end of the year, I should be at a major milestone and by Spring I should be at goal. Will be extra challenging though with holidays coming up LOL so many recipes I want to try out.  Noom needs to make a holiday cookbook.

                My daughter started 7th grade yesterday. I am not ready for this. Is hard wrapping my head around it because I loathed that time in my life.  Girls in 7th grade were horrible and I have some serious PTSD from that time.  Trying to see my daughter as that age is mindboggling. Seventh grade is when my life changed for the worst. Friends became enemies in their quest to be popular. I have a lot of emotional traumas from back then. I can deal with it now as an adult, but it took me a LONG time to be able to. Now I really do not care what people say about me LOL mainly because I have learned I am not the center of the universe and that they probably are not talking about me or laughing at me 100 % of the time. They have their own lives and are consumed by their own needs. They do not care enough about me to give me a second thought. I wish I had known that back then. I am not saying I have no value to be cared about, I am saying I am not the center of their world LOL.

                Okay time to get to my adulting for the day LOL I must figure out what is for dinner yet again. Hence the picture. It is so true.  I must figure out something my son will eat, my daughter will eat, and something that is healthy and low in calories that I can eat. Trying to get all three of those combined is a struggle LOL I will be thinking while I am getting my steps in 😊 Castle and Nathan Fillion will be distracting me.

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