Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

          Okay Thanksgiving is over so time to get back into Noom. Oh boy have I fallen off the wagon lately. I actually think I blew up the wagon LOL I have been so bad about following the program. I do not log food, I just skim through articles, and I rarely read the message boards. In my defense logging is hard when I use recipes. It is impossible to figure out calorie count for every ingredient or how much is in a serving. Yesterday alone I made dressing for turkey. I added celery, onion, butter, and broth to the cornbread dressing mix to doctor it up. No clue what calorie count was after that, then to try and measure out servings??? Impossible. The articles are okay, but I do not like the ones where I must fill in the blanks. Is too much like school. I want to just read LOL the quizzes are okay, but the typing sucks. Finally, the message boards irk me. Since I started Noom my group has been combined four or five times with other groups, so it is impossible to really form a bond in there. I get lost in the shuffle. I can not even tell who is who anymore. It would have been better to keep them separate so that bonds can form. I see a few people posting, but I have no idea who they are. It is a nice feature, but not managed properly in my opinion.

            I still like Noom. I did have success with it in the beginning, but now I seem to be stuck in a plateau. I cannot seem to get past the 30 lbs. mark. I have not gone up thankfully, but I cannot seem to go down either. I walk, usually over 12,000 steps a day, and I try and be mindful of what I eat. Okay granted I have been a bit indulgent over holidays so far LOL I really need to stop that. I must go back to eating very simply so I can see what calories I am putting in. So not fun. If I want to keep losing, then I must LOL so I have boiled me some eggs and will have that with toast here in a bit. I already had my lemon water and coffee. I plan to make seafood salad today which for me is just the fake crab mixed with shredded cabbage and I am using a healthy ranch dressing on top. I am also tossing in some celery for extra crunch. It should not be too high in calories.

            Today is Black Friday. I took these two days off so I could spend time with my kids. Yesterday we made thanksgiving dinner, not my best, but I am claiming work fatigue since I worked the two nights prior LOL, we have some leftovers. I did not make much since just the three of us. Today we are going to see Encanto after my son gets his booster shot. He is showing me it is not that bad since work is mandating, I get my covid shots. That really pisses me and ALL the other nurses off. I also am a bit worried since I tend to not react well to any type of med or vaccine. The flu shot knocks me out of commission for three months, hence I do not take it. So, I am afraid of what this vaccine will do to me. Work is not going to like me calling in because of reactions, but oh well. Is their fault for mandating it.


          After the movies I have no idea what we are going to do LOL probably just come back home and relax. I have scoured the Black Friday deals, and nothing has caught my interest. My shopping gene is malfunctioning LOL saves my bank account though. We will take our walk tonight to look at all the pretty light displays that have gone up in the neighborhood. Everything is so festive. We even have lights and inflatables up. Ours are simple compared to some LOL is so very nice that everything it lit up. The planes flying overhead should really appreciate it LOL  the pictures are of our decorations this year.

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