Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Happy Birthday to Me

          I am so thankful that I am still alive and healthy. I hate the idea of getting old, but I am glad I am still getting old. I need to take better care of me this coming year. I did accomplish something this year that I did not think I could do, and that was lose 30 lbs. Next year I need to lose another 30 lbs. That would be amazing. So, I need to focus. It is ridiculously hard to do with the holidays. So many fun things to do and treats to eat. Plus, it is a bit chilly to walk at times. I still go out walking every night I am not working. Either with my daughter or both my kids. Depends, if son is working or not. I need to get my steps back up. I guess until the first of the year I will just try and maintain the loss, and then come 2022 I will get totally committed again LOL.

                That means 10,000 or better steps a day. Taking my vitamins daily. Getting at least 30 minutes of those steps in a row. Watching what I eat, more veggies less meat, seriously less sugar. I also need to add in stretching, and old school “up” exercises (sit ups, push-ups, leg lifts, arm curls) that type of exercise. I also need to wear more sunscreen. I do not want the wrinkles to start showing up. So far, I have been very blessed with very minimal wrinkles. I need to take better care of me.

                My house is decked out for Christmas LOL I have been very relaxed about it this year. Is easy to do when neither of my kids believe in Santa anymore. We still celebrate, but not overboard. I will be working all the eves and day of Christmas and New Year. So, we are adjusting when we celebrate. It will not be a big production at all.

                I am looking forward to taking down all the holiday decorations and putting up my general stuff. I have bought a few more items to go with my veggie theme kitchen. We have not decided what we are doing in the back yard yet. I know we will get rid of the furniture since the Florida sun has ruined it. I want to put up a big sunshade and get a proper grill. My son wants to grill outside more. I am okay with that if it is not burning hot.

                I always have big plans for the New Year, hopefully this coming year I will follow through with my ideas. With the new van I wish to travel more and explore Florida. I want to be more of an outside person who is active. I would like to get back to Disney this year with my kids. I want to focus more of doing things rather than eating things. I just want the next year to be a healthier, happier trip around the sun.

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