Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021

                Merry Christmas from Florida. Is a balmy 75 degrees here right now and the sun is shining, so it does not look like Christmas LOL my kids and I celebrated the holiday a couple of days ago because I worked last night and am working tonight. It is a benefit of having them old enough to not mind when we celebrate, just that we do celebrate. They surprised me this morning when I came home. They had put me together some shelves for all my knick knacks which I adore. I was running out of places to put stuff.

                I am very ready for the holidays to be over. Do not get me wrong, I love celebrating holidays, we start in September with Halloween and go all the way to Christmas. My home is decorated for almost four months. I am ready to undecorate it now LOL. I am looking forward to going back to my general décor. I have a veggie farm motif in my kitchen/great room area that I am looking forward to seeing again. I even purchased a few more items to decorate with. I got me a rooster cookie jar and a cow creamer set. I also bought some fake veggies to try and created a tiered tray for the counter. My Christmas tree stays up year-round. It is usually decorated with birds (my daughter loves birds) and sunflowers. With all my new plans I am looking forward to going back to my basics.

                The new year is just around the corner and of course I have all sorts of aspirations to make it fun and healthy. With the new to me van I want to take more day trips around Florida. I want to also start going for a morning walk before kids get up. I want to rededicate myself to eating healthier and fewer calories so that I can get my Noom working again. I lost thirty lbs. this year, let us see what I can accomplish next year. I am also hoping to get a condominium type property with my son to turn into an Airbnb which will generate some passive income for us. Plus, we have college courses LOL in the Spring we are taking Spanish 2 and a health and wellness course. So, lots of plans for 2022.

                Okay time to relax and mentally prepare for work tonight. I am extra tired because my daughter and I got the Covid vaccine three days ago, my second and her first. I wish I could have taken extra time off, but I wanted the holiday pay LOL. Anyway, one more night then it is time to prep for the new year. First order of business tomorrow is taking down all the Christmas stuff and mowing the grass out front LOL the yard is looking pretty ragged. It grows slow this time of year, so I have not mowed since Halloween LOL it needs it now. Also need to trim my crepe myrtle trees in the back and tend to my citrus trees. I am already getting a touch of Spring fever LOL I get a major case of it every year around this time. Thankfully, Florida Springs comes early.

                Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to any who have read this far 😊

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