Saturday, July 31, 2021

Birthday Girl Today :)

          Today is an incredibly special day!!!  It is my daughter’s 12th birthday!!!  I cannot believe how time has gone by so fast.  I swear it was just last year she was a little girl.  Now she is almost a young lady. Last week we were at Michaels, and I realized I was looking up into her eyes LOL I did not realize she had gotten taller than me. I am 5’5” so that means she must be about 5’6” now and she still has a lot of growing to do. She will be so tall LOL I love it.  She is my little amazon. With all that beautiful blond hair, those gorgeous blue eyes, incredible intelligence, sweet and tender heart, and those long legs I am in trouble when she discovers boys. Boys will also be in trouble too because they must get past me and her brother LOL, I am just so blessed and happy that I have her in my life.  She is my inspiration.

                We have been celebrating her all week. Each day we have gifted her a small present so we can drag out her birthday celebration LOL it makes it more fun. I rearranged my schedule at work so that I could have this special day off.  Last night, as a family, we watch the new Jungle Cruise movie. It was great. We made crab cakes, baked chicken (kids did not like the crab) and broccoli tots. We also had popcorn cause well it was a movie night LOL.  This morning I will go pick up her cake from Publix. She picked out a Strawberry Decadence cake. This evening we are going to her chosen restaurant of Bahama Breeze. Tomorrow will be Farmer’s Market, and The Monday will be last birthday bit of going to this robot themed Hot Pot restaurant called U&Me. Kids are really looking forward to that one because of the robots that roam around bringing what you order.

                All these activities are so calorie laden, so I am a bit worried, but optimistic.  I was certain I had blown it yesterday with my calories, but this morning when I was brave enough to log what I had eaten, I was stunned to see that I still fell within my calorie range LOL the nightly walk with my kids helped big time. After this is posted I will do more walking so that I can enjoy dinner tonight.  I have looked at the online menu and figured out what I can eat LOL tomorrow is normally my cheat day, but since cheating a bit all weekend, I will skip it LOL that way I stay on track.  I am loving watching the scale drop each week.

                Today’s Noom lesson said I was to celebrate what I have accomplished which is finishing 130 lessons. I have been using Noom now for 68 days now. In that time, I have lost 19 lbs., that is almost 20 lbs.!!!! LOL something I never thought I could do at my age. That is simply amazing to me.  If all goes well, by the end of this upcoming week, I will have officially lost twenty pounds. That means more socks LOL every time I lose weight, I get myself a silly pair of socks as a reward. Noom suggested I reward myself in the beginning with something, so I chose socks LOL usually I get practical socks, but when I lose weight, I get a silly frivolous pair LOL. When I wear them, it is a reminder that I am succeeding. By the time Spring comes I will need a whole other sock drawer LOL that and some new clothes.

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