Monday, July 12, 2021

A Noomy Christmas in July

               This weekend we had fun and celebrated Christmas in July. I blame the Hallmark Channel LOL all those Christmas movies got to me.  It was a fun excuse to make a ham dinner with rolls and mashed potatoes. I also discovered I do not like purple sweet potatoes. I will stick to regular ones from now on.  My daughter and I made Christmas cookies and homemade eggnog. My son and I watched Black Widow while dinner baked in the oven. Then even both had a present to open (love excuses to spoil them). It was not elaborate, just fun.

                OKAY back to fitness now LOL this weekend I got off track big time. I even ate two donuts LOL, and they were good, but since I have had no sweets in ages, by the time I was on second one, I was not enjoying it so much. It was too sweet, so I will take that slip up as a learning tool. Now I know my sweet tooth is way more sensitive than before. Which is a good thing. Means I am making progress.  I also had fun in my mind because one of my coworkers who had teased me about my Noom diet, asked me how it was going.  I wear baggy scrubs so really cannot see any difference. When I said I had already lost 15 lbs. (YAY ME) in about a month and a half, she suddenly was extremely interested and not teasing LOL.  One of these days I know she is going to break and want to try it too LOL I will help of course, but inside feel so satisfied that I accomplished something they thought I could not and now they wanted my help.

                Not very Noomy to gloat, but inside my mind I will a bit. Gloat is wrong word I think, more of internal triumph that I am succeeding.  It helps so much when I see scale moving.  I cannot wait for the first time somebody sees me and notices a difference.  At work I am sure will take a bit since all covered up with scrubs. I would have to switch to a smaller size for it to be noticeable. Not going to give up my comfy, roomy scrubs just yet. Maybe when I lose another 10 lbs. I only see it on myself when I see my neck not so fluffy, and my ankles not so swollen after working all weekend.

                My Noom learning coach asked me what I thought was biggest factor in losing weight with Noom. I had to admit to her that it was the food logging. LOL, I told her up front, way back in the beginning I would not be doing that since so complicated. She said give it at least a try. So, since I had paid for program, I thought I should do all of it at least a bit. I started super simple, so I did not have to hunt for every ingredient. After using it a bit, I discovered most everything I was eating, somebody had already uploaded the ingredients, so it was easy LOL hardest part was remembering what I had eaten. I had seen on our app message boards that another Noomer was putting their foods in even before eating. That way they could see what their plan for day looked like ahead of time and adjust. So, I am doing that a bit. If I have extra calories, then I can divide them up between my planned meals for more oomph.

                Today I am going to try and stay on low side of my calories to make up for yesterday a bit. Not going to punish myself for having a good time with my kids but going to be more mindful to eat healthy today. So once done with this, I will get some stepping done while watching new Leverage: Redemption (so excited) and then have a healthy brunch salad. Afterwards will do some errands with my daughter, and later tonight take my nightly family walk after eating something healthy for dinner LOL I am contemplating Greek chicken with roasted veggies. I found a calorie free marinade I am wanting to try.

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