Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Alert, Oriented, and Ambulatory with Noom

             The other day I read a quote from Raven-Symone of all people that was inspiring and a bit mind altering LOL it was “I want to make sure my body is healthy and prepared to deal with old age”.  At the age I am now, this means a great deal to me.  I might not look my age, but there are days when I feel it.  One of the reasons I am trying so hard to get healthy is to fight against the effects of aging. I want to be able to move freely and think clearly. When I get to my golden years, I want to still be alert, oriented, and ambulatory LOL those are magical terms to a nurse.

                This is why I am trying so hard to follow all the advice Noom gives me. It might be silly to others, but for me, it is working.  For years I have tried to “lose weight” and have always failed. It seemed nothing worked. The past couple of years I have had some very minor mental scares that reminded me I am at risk for things I do not want to be at risk for. So, I decided to stop trying to just lose weight, but instead get healthier.  Healthier is betting than skinnier. I have seen many people at the hospital who were skinny, but totally unhealthy.  Healthy is a total mind and body thing.  Noom understands that and works to help get the mind healthier so that the body will follow. It is constantly giving me psychological tips, research, and strategies to get healthy. This week it has been teaching me about the need for better sleep. While I doubt, I can get more sleep due to my schedule, I can understand that lack of sleep will the tendency to cause me to overeat and make poor choices. So, I need to be mindful of that, and adjust my thinking. 

                That is why I liked the picture that goes with this post. I want to exercise so my body gets healthier and lasts me a long time. I want to eat things that will nourish my body, not be on a diet forever.  I need to ignore the self-doubt when I think I cannot do this, since June I have been doing this and doing it well. I also need to realize that I am important to my kids, therefore I need to care enough for them to care for me.

                Every morning I wake up thinking I will just take a day of rest LOL no diet, no exercise, no nothing. I will just be a couch potato LOL it is my habit to check emails, Instagram, Facebook, and play games before I am even out of bed, it eases me into my day. I also check into Noom and that squashes the couch potato idea. It reminds me to be healthy and make good choices. The lessons I have to read, the logging I do, and the message boards all help refocus me and motivate me to give it another day 😊. My older body will thank me for the choices I make today.

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