Monday, July 19, 2021

Set Point vs Happy Weight

          According to Noom the Set Point Theory hypothesizes that our body regulates our metabolism to maintain a certain body weight.  Everyone’s set point is unique, it is determined by genes, it is a range where your body can sit comfortably and sustain. The set point is when your body can function most optimally. A body’s set point is not necessarily your happy weight.  Happy weight is the weight at which a person feels happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. My set point is not my happy weight. I am healthy for the most part, but not happy with how I look.  I keep waiting for somebody to notice that I am getting healthier. Okay granted I do not go places where people know me LOL I just hang out with my kids and go to work. Coworkers will take forever to notice since I will not give up my baggy, comfy scrubs yet. I also still do not see it.  I would have thought a 15 lbs. weight loss would be noticeable, but I guess I am wrong.  My mind knows it though, so that is good part. Since my mind understands that what I am doing it working, just very slowly, it keeps me going.  Whenever I feel like giving up, my mind reminds me that this time next year, I will be so happy that I did not give up.

                Yesterday was Sunday, my day of not worrying about diet or exercise LOL I still do though. I still made sure I got my 12,000 steps in and that I did not go crazy with the calories.  It sort of is just a habit now LOL.  I did discover that I can have Panda Express and Denny’s.  Panda Express has fit wok choices. So, I got to relish super greens for 90 calories, beef broccoli for 150 calories, and string bean chicken for 180 calories. It was delicious.  At Denny’s I got the fit slam which is just 450 calories. I was happy and so were my kids. We are a family that likes eating out LOL slowly I am breaking away from my super structured diet. I am finding other ways to enjoy foods while staying within my calorie count.  There is another Noomer on Twitter that I follow who posts pictures of her food choices, all keeping her under 1200 calories a day.  It looks challenging, but when I asked her how she does it, her response was most items are frozen, she just divides them up. She also plates them so nicely LOL I do not have time for that. I can do the frozen stuff though LOL going to investigate that more.

                So now time for watching an episode of Leverage for distraction while I get half of my steps in, then lunch time. By then kids are up and it is time to be social LOL. I know grocery shopping is on schedule. My son needs to go to Best Buy to look for a charger so that goes on to do list. After that, no clue what we are doing LOL.  I like it that way. I am not big on planning things. That just stresses me out. To do lists motivate me, but plans, those are yucky. I am more just do it when I want to. That way I have freedom to be lazy LOL

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