Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Welcome to October


            Wasn’t my daughter adorable when she was an itty bitty? That is from Halloween back in 2012 I think, Time sure has flown.  Life has been busy.  It has been challenging keeping up with all my school stuff, my daughter’s school stuff, and work.  Instead of being able to relax in the morning I end up being all responsible and doing school LOL so not fun.  I do not have any assignments due right now, so I thought I would blog a bit. I have only 2 weekends to go, then it is vacation!!! So excited to have 18 glorious days off.  I will still have school, but no work to stress me out LOL. We aren’t going anywhere in particular, just going to enjoy Fall activities.  I have found festivals to go to, trunk or treats, and even a train ride to a pumpkin patch. We have pretty much finished decorating, we just need to paint the frame for our Halloween door entrance and attach the gauze to it, but that is not needed until Halloween night.  We are hoping my son will get to be here to help, but he might not because…He Got a Job!!! I am happy he is getting to earn a bit of money.  We also got another big blessing this past week. My friends who are moving to England are gifting us their Kia Sedona. We just have to ship it here from Chicago. It is supposed to be picked up tomorrow and arrive on Sunday.  I am praying everything goes smoothly. I am not used to relying on other people to do stuff for me, and hiring a shipper is stressful. I want to know who, what, when, and where it is all going down.  I will be relieved when van is here.  It will be nice to have back up vehicle again. It is a total mommy mobile LOL so my son will end up driving my little car to and from work.

                Okay Noom update. I seem to have plateaued. I stopped at 30 lbs. and can’t seem to push past it. On the good side I haven’t gained, but still need scale to move down again. I suppose it doesn’t help that I am getting a bit tired of the app right now.  All it is doing is talking psych stuff, nothing to do with diet and nutrition. That is what I wish it would focus on again. I don’t need a shrink; I need weight loss. I wish I could go back to the beginning of the lessons when the info was more helpful. All the app wants me to do lately is fill in answers to questions. I do enough question answering with school and work, I don’t need it anywhere else.  If anybody at Noom is reading this, can you tell developers to stop with the fill in the blank stuff? The app no longer feels like a diet and nutrition thing, but a psych app. I am disappointed.

                So, what is on tap for today. Nothing LOL. I have done all my responsible stuff. I even got less responsible stuff to do.  I finally got freed from the HOA Board Monday. I get to just be regular homeowner.  I was laughing at all the new board members talking about what changes they are going to make and how they are going to get people involved LOL we could never even get people to come to meetings LOL. Nobody wants to participate; they just want to complain.  Not my circus anymore.   I get to just watch them fail and discover they have no power to do any changes. I mean I would love to see the neighborhood get better, but the people here are just not into doing things like committees. We tried for three years to get things done and got nowhere. All people did was yell. Even the property manager quit Monday LOL so new board will be led by new manager LOL it will be a mess. Not my problem though LOL.

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