Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Spring Staycation 2024


          I made it to Staycation!!! One day early too. My plantar fasciitis is flaring up, which has me hobbling, so I had to call off work tonight. I feel terribly guilty, but I will get over it because I'M ON VACATION!!! LOL. No real plans for anything, I just like to take a break from work every six months. I do one week now and two weeks in October for Halloween. We never go anywhere but local places because my kids do not like to travel and I have two small dogs that cannot be left alone. Putting them in a kennel would traumatize them. So home we will stay. It is a good thing we live in Florida LOL. 

          I do have plans (once my foot cooperates) to go to SeaWorld. Also swimming at Aquatica. That is something we have never done. I'm sure I can find a movie to go watch. I will finish up my classes and help my daughter with her final semester.  I need to weed and mow back yard. Have some cleaning projects for inside. Nothing exciting, but all relaxing :) Plus I get to stay home with my pets and kids which is my favorite thing to do.

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