Friday, April 12, 2024

I'm Not A Vampire :(


          I finished up my week of The Absorption Company drink supplements and I did not turn into a vampire LOL.  I joke about that because the two main people who started the company are both famous for being vampires LOL Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries (that's him in gray shirt) and his wife Nicki Reed who was in the Twilight movies. I just binged watched The Vampire Diaries for the second time so I was trying the drinks as a splurge and for fun. Would have been cool to get some of the vampire powers LOL the ability to compel anybody I wanted would have been awesome.

          Today, since no rain or tornado watches, kids and I are going to Aquatica. Not really looking forward to it because I have to wear swimsuit and I am definitely getting sunburned LOL no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I will burn. Kids are excited to go, so I will suffer. I am looking forward to floating in lazy river though. Afterwards will come home, shower, hydrate, and then figure out what else to do for fun :)

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