Monday, April 8, 2024

Eclipse Day 2024


          Today is a historic day, there is a total solar eclipse this afternoon. Florida will get about 75% coverage of the sun. I got up early yesterday and went and got glasses for Lee and Staci so they can take a peak. Staci is very excited about it. It is very disconcerting to think that the next one is in 20 years and I might not be able to enjoy it. I am trying to not think of that, but it keeps nagging at me. I will be 75 years old. I better be around. I really need to get healthier. I try and not worry about the reality of it all, but it is getting harder to ignore the fact that I am aging. I am scared.

           Okay, enough of that. More suppression needed. What else is on board today...I have school work to do. I will finish up my classes this month. Then I need to contact student loan people and get loans paused until Fall. I already registered for Sign Language and Meditation for Stress LOL I figured both would be good for work. Staci is also going to be taking sign language next year so we can learn together. Due to the eclipse we are staying inside. After it is over I need to grocery shop. I must stock up on more salad fixins LOL. I am still working on my Absorption Company drinks. I have 3 days left. I do not notice anything different. The funniest part, to me, is after I drink the energy formula I end up falling asleep. When I wake up, then I have energy LOL it has a delayed effect. 

Today is also my Jumanji's 7th birthday :) 

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