Saturday, April 13, 2024

SeaWorld Sore


          See that map <--- well I walked all of it yesterday, and oh do my feet feel it now. It was too cold for Aquatica, but just right for SeaWorld. I think we spent about 3 hours there. Ended up with over 12,000 steps taken. Last night I was just hobbling. Today I am staying off my feet as much as I can.

          SeaWorld was fun though. We got lots of freebies for passholders. We got the last two keychains first. Then made our way over to feed the sea lions for free. One, called Decca, yelled at me for not giving her a fish LOL. After that we went over to the food festival area and tried the baklava. It was way too sweet!!! We also got cannoli which was really good. We had four free samples to try. By the time we ate those two our taste buds were in protest. Too much sugar. So we got jerk chicken sliders as our last two and took them home. SeaWorld had also given us each $10 to use to Staci ended up with two necklaces and a chapstick for free LOL. I love getting free stuff and SeaWorld definitely delivers on freebies.

          We got home, showered, laughed at my sunburn, and then I collapsed and slept LOL. When I woke up my right foot was in agony from plantar fasciitis. I was barely able to hobble. As much as I wanted to go do something today, I do not think my foot can handle it. So it is relaxing in recliner day for me LOL. Of course that means I will sleep the day away LOL the recliner is a soul sucker. I sit there and I am out within 10 minutes.

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