Saturday, April 6, 2024

OMG My Body Aches

          I think I overdid it yesterday LOL according to my iphone I walked over 19,ooo steps. Nope, did not run a marathon, I simply was cleaning and mowing. I did not set out to do that much. I just had these purple flowering bushes I wanted to trim down so they would regrow back pretty. That led to thinking I would just mow that area because it needed to mulch up the cuttings. Then I saw another section that needed a bit of trimming, so I mowed there. Well that made front yard off balance so had to do other sections. That led me to seeing how long the grass on the side yard was, it was literally blowing in the wind. So I mowed it. I just wanted to put the mower in the backyard. Once there I saw some weeds I thought I could just pull real quick. Good grief, then I needed to mulch again. I swear it just all snowballed on me LOL I ended up doing whole backyard and the scary corridor on the side of my how. My yards look so much nicer now, but dang, all I wanted to do was trim the purple flowers LOL. Last night, after I showered, I could barely move LOL. I had used up all my energy and then some. Today, I am just sore.

          If I could I would do nothing, but Staci was invited to a escape room party with her friends. She is loving getting invited places. So I have to get her there by 10:40 this morning. Since to far to just drive home and wait, I have to occupy myself up in Orlando. So I figure I will go to Whole Foods and maybe Trader Joes. Afterwards there is this treat at Sonic that Staci wants; an Eclipse Shake that comes with eclipse glasses. Then home to try and do nothing.

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