Monday, April 22, 2024

Earth Day


          Today is Earth Day, where we are supposed to appreciate our planet more and strive to do better by it. At least that is what I think the day is for. My family does try to be environmentally conscious. My daughter never lets us no recycle anything. Even if we are out and about and I attempt to throw something away, she will stop me so that we can bring it home and put in our recycle bin. I am happy to say we are constantly filling up the recycle bin and not the trash bin. We also never ever litter. Not even the smallest piece of paper will be toss on the ground. I realize we are not doing a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, but we at least attempt in a small way to not hurt the hurt so much.

          In honor of Earth Day I will try and do some yardwork.  I am hoping to trim some dead branches and pick up the last of the butchered tree in my yard. If it does not rain I might even attempt to mow the front yards. Then off to Lowes to get something pretty to plant. They should have good sales going on today. Is supposed to be thunderstorms today, so not so hot. Perhaps I will make some soup. Oh and it is my baby puppy's 5th birthday today :) she is my little chihuahua. I realize she is fully grown, but she is small and still looks like a puppy. She is a little lovebug.

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