Friday, April 5, 2024

The Absorption Company


          So, I decided to splurge on me for my staycation. I bought me The Essentials Set from The Absorption Company It came with one box of each flavor, Restore, Energy, Calm, and Sleep. The website describes them as:

Restore (Mango Lemonade) when electrolytes alone just aren't cutting it.

Energy (Fruit Punch) when caffeine just isn’t getting the job done.

Sleep (Chamomile Lemonade) when you can’t count on counting sheep.

Calm (Watermelon Lemonade) when you need something stronger than deep breaths.

          They all taste great. The Restore reminds me of Gatorade, I can definitely taste the electrolytes in it. My favorite so far, taste wise, is the Sleep. I just started drinking them yesterday. Each box has seven packets, so I will see how I feel at the end of the seven days. I am also trying to be mindful of healthier eating while I am drinking these. I was also so full from drinking LOL each is made with a full water bottle, so I am definitely hydrated.

          Staci got through her test yesterday. I am glad that is over. She has two more next month. After testing was done I managed to weed my back yard. Meaning I pulled up all the weeds LOL my back was worn out from all the bending and pulling. When it is dried out a bit more I will mow. Today's tasks are cleaning and pruning these purple flowers I have in front. They have been taken over by weeds/grass. Last time I did this I did not think they would grow back, but they did, so I am going to do it again LOL. Such an exciting vacation LOL.

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