Sunday, April 7, 2024

Baking Day


          I am using this image to inspire me LOL I have had the ingredients to make carrot cake for a week now and I still haven't made it. So today it has made it to my to do list, even more it has made it to a blog post. Any time I write something down or post something, I have to follow through or I am a liar. I do not like to lie, I always tell the truth. You can always rely on what I say having a truth in it LOL it just might be cleverly disguised LOL.

          I woke up so sore today. I am thinking perhaps I need to go easy on myself today. My goal was just to get an average of 7500 steps per day, but lately I have been over 9500 steps. My feet are killing me. Every time I stand up, after sitting for a while, I hobble for the first few feet. That needs to stop.

          OMG it is such nice weather today. Currently it is 67 degrees and sunny. There is a nice breeze and I have a major case of spring fever LOL I am so glad I am free to do whatever today. I just want to enjoy it. Last night I just say on my front porch, all I was missing was some sweet tea.  Maybe I will do that again tonight :) After I make the cake LOL.

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