Tuesday, April 30, 2024



          I messed up LOL. I managed to clean up my front yard pretty well, it is looking cute again, but I got sunburned for my efforts. I even put sunscreen on, but I forgot the back of my neck and my hairline on my forehead LOL I look funny. So now I am hunting for a WIDE brimmed hat for me to use over the summer for when I do yardwork.

          The front yard does look nice. We finally got all of the old tree gone and I was able to mow. Then my kids and I put down rubber mulch, which we figured out was just old black tires shredded up. You can still see the treads on some of the pieces LOL last we put back all of our garden statues, the funniest placement was an owl on top of the cut trees stump LOL. We highlighted everything with new solar lamps. By the time we were done I thought it looked very nice. I didn't order enough mulch though LOL so more is coming tomorrow. Fedex is going to hate us.

          Today's project is the backyard. It needs to be mowed as well. Plus I am going to just bite the cost and put out the old patio furniture to be taken away. I tried to make it cute, but it just looks messy and scary with all the vegetation growing on it. Plus looks like a great place for snakes and critters to hide. That is a big NOPE!!! First I need to find something to protect my neck before doing all that LOL.

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