Tuesday, April 23, 2024

It's Taco Tuesday LOL


          The flower bloomed yesterday in my backyard. It was a Mother's Day gift last year. My son planted it for me. It was a fantastic surprise to find it was still alive and gorgeous. My backyard is slowly coming back to life. I have three other flowering plants back there that I received as other gifts LOL I thought they were goners, but they are surprising me with blooms.

           Yesterday my son and I worked a lot of finally cutting up the remnants of my tree that was butchered. We got it all loaded in yard bin for next week's pickup. Once it is gone I can finally mow again LOL and start trying to fix up my landscaping.

          Taco Tuesday LOL it seems we always managed to celebrate that. I will have to go get some fixins later LOL. It is an easy dinner that both kids like. I managed to corrupt my daughter though LOL she now turns her tacos into salads as well. 

          I woke up this morning and remembered my first boyfriend. I couldn't find him on Facebook, but I did manage to find his cousin LOL told her to tell him hi for me. I highly doubt he remembers me from 1992. No clue why I dreamed of him. Perhaps a part of me is missing being an old married couple with somebody. No, I do not want a new romance, I want one that has been around forever, and we are now getting to retire and spend time together. That of course is never going to happen because I never stayed married. Been on my own now for 24 years. Good grief that is a long time. Now, I am too set in my ways. I would have no clue, nor desire, to make room in my world for a mate. Which is so very depressing, but oh well...

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