Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Home Repairs

           I have figured the downside of owning a home, the repairs are all mine to make. No more calling the office and having them send a maintenance man to fix anything. Now it is all on me. I do not know anything about home repair. I am trying to figure it out via YouTube videos, but those just get me a little less confused. Currently I have a kitchen faucet that is giving me issues. That has got me very stressed out. It is not leaking yet, but I am sure that is coming. I see an expensive plumber in my future.

          OMG I woke up yesterday to find my huge evergreen tree cut in half!!! I gave my neighbor permission to trim it, not take out half of it. He swears he can turn it into something presentable again, but my brain is befuddled as to how. I am just trying to stay calm about its current condition. Not an easy task. 

         The one minor home repair I can do LOL is go get lightbulbs for my daughter's lamp LOL. That seems easy enough. First I need breakfast. It is already after 2pm and I haven't had anything other than a cup of coffee. I was too busy doing school assignments. At least now I am done with Civil War History class :)

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