Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Minions Are Cool


          I wish I had these little guys to do what I wanted LOL though they would screw things up and get me into trouble. They are just so cute, so might be worth it. I would have them help me clean my house and work on my yard LOL.

          I am currently procrastinating LOL something I never do, but I am tired. I have lots of school work that needs to be done, yet no desire to start it. I put it on to do list so I have to at least make some attempt.

          The eclipse yesterday was cool. Staci got some really nice shots with her phone. She took one pair of the solar glasses and covered her lenses so the sun would be more than just a bright spot. I am glad I managed to get her some eclipse glasses. She would have been so disappointed if she missed it.

          I have no plans for today. We were going to Aquatica but Lee has something planned right smack in the middle of the afternoon, so that is out. I am in a lazy mood right now LOL. Perhaps I will come up with something later. Shoot I will be happy coming up with another show to binge watch. I am at a loss for what to watch next LOL. Staci and Lee have been watching the Godzilla movies LOL. Not my cup of tea. He wants to take her to see the latest one, but she needs to have understanding of monster first according to him. I think it is Kong vs Godzilla. I am confused on who I am supposed to root for LOL. 

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