Thursday, December 21, 2023

Christmas Treats

           So what treats am I making this year is the question prompted. I am not really making anything LOL that is the drawback of trying to eat a bit healthier. I am planning on making sausage balls for Christmas per tradition, and work is having a bit of a potluck, so I will bake some cookies I have in freezer for it. I always thought a cookie exchange would be fun, but never any others interested in it.

          In the middle of my weird, holiday work schedule. I often do not even know what day it is LOL but I need the extra money for working the holidays, so in I am going. I miss the good old days when the hospital would clear out for the holidays. Now it seems like just any other day. Doctors and patient's families used to send the nurses treats, they don't anymore. Shoot the hospital doesn't even give us anything. It is really pathetic how far nursing is now from when I first started. The downfall began when CEOs started treating the hospitals as a 5 star resort experience and the nurses were there to cater to their every whim and not their health.

          Saturday will be fun though. I am off for one night with my kids, so we are going to see Aquaman. I just hope I can stay awake LOL 

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