Thursday, December 14, 2023

Today Sucks

           I woke up this morning to an awful text message from my aunt. Last night my grandmother passed away. I am a bit heartbroken. She was my last grandparent and my last connection to my mom. I know I still have two aunts and two uncles, but I did not grow up around them. My grandma was a constant in my childhood. So many weird memories keep hitting me. I remember something about her purse. She kept asking me for it, when it was right beside her. I also remember getting into an argument over me not wearing a dress to church. She refused to let me go if I did not put on a dress. I did not go. I remember her standing outside this magic closet, with all sorts of stuff inside, and putting on some nail dryer LOL I know that closet was just full of toiletries, towels, and such, but I wasn't allowed in it so it was full of magic grown up stuff to me. I remember her puttering around in her yard, pulling up weeds, I remember her voice, and I remember she was always so absent minded. I was not close to her, but I did love her. I wish I could have seen her, but she would not have known me. She had severe dementia. The last time I spoke to her, it took a bit to get her to remember me, but then she did and she asked how my mom was doing. I did not have the heart to tell her that mom had died, so I just said she was fine. At least now they are together, probably driving my grandpa crazy in Heaven :)

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