Saturday, December 16, 2023

I Dislike Christmas Because...

           Misleading post, I do not dislike Christmas. There are a few things I wish would come back. I miss my kids believing in the magic of Santa. I miss trying to figure out what was wrapped up under the tree. I miss tinsel on the tree. I miss stockings filled with nuts and fruit. I miss eating Christmas cookies and not worrying about calories LOL.

          Stormy day here today. Not as bad as was forecasted though. It just now started to rain. I already have everything inside and lights off outside. I have no plans to go anywhere at this point. Maybe later, just depends on what weather actually becomes. If too bad, I will just stay in and maybe make a quiche.

          No school work to do. Finished up all of daughter's first semester of high school. Still haven't wrapped my head around her being that old. Really cannot believe my baby boy is getting close to 30 years old. Time really does go fast when you get older.

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