Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dear Santa

 Dear Santa,

     Merry Christmas. I know you are busy at the North Pole, encouraging all the elves to make those toys as fast as you can, and getting the reindeer in shape, but I thought you might have a moment, while sipping Mrs. Claus' cocoa, to read my short little letter.  Yes, this is a daily blog prompt LOL. Since I am working like you on Christmas Eve and day, I have a strange list :) Please send me an assignment of alert, oriented, and ambulatory patients. No fall risks or crazies. Please do not let anybody lose their IV or need nurse drawn labs. Do not send me any codes or falls please. I just would like stable patients LOL I would like patients who have very few medications and want to just sleep. Please make the night go quickly and uneventfully. Oh and if the hospital could provide us with dinner, that would be great. Thank you very much, and I hope your holiday and flight go as smoothly as possible.

Kindest regards,


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